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Hungary Mission Home Address

Sister Teagen Schnoor
Hungary Budapest Mission
Hajnóczy József Utca 14

Sunday, 6 July 2014

June 23, 2014

This pic is of the huge escalators we take to get onto the Metro in Budapest. I took the pic
 when I was half way down, they are huge!!! I’m scared I’m going to fall down them every time!

West and South West Zones

So one of our companionship goals is to be able to do the splits before Sister 
 Butterfield goes home.. haha We can’t stop laughing to even get into them! 
  I waaay over did it the first day though and we were like little old ladies 
 trying to tract the next day! All stiff and sore! They are coming though!

This week was great! We went up to Budapest twice, so that took two full days of the week! We didn’t teach as many lessons, so it was a lot of tracting, but it was great! Not as hot as last week either, so that was another plus! Budapest is so stunning, I feel like I can’t take it all in when I go! It was so great seeing some of my MTC group again and catching up from the last month!

Zone conference was great! I learned so much and it was really an answer to my prayers. I’ll be honest, the language is SO hard, but I know I am making progress. Wow, just talk about humbling though! I hate even telling you that I’m struggling with it, because I know how hard everyone is praying for me. It’s just been tough lately not to feel a little down about this darn language that I love so much but is so frustrating at the same time!! I know all of the prayers that are being said for me at home, I know how much they are helping me. Please keep them coming! I’ve been here for a whole month now, and I feel like I should know more than I do! I know so much more now than that first day, so I know I’m making progress. A few days ago, I was thinking that I was “wasting” this part of my mission, because I knew that if I was speaking English I would be teaching and getting to know people, things that I can’t do very well right now. I know now that that isn’t true though. I know that I am here for the people living here and those I meet, but I’m also here for me. I don’t want that to sound selfish, but I am here for me too. I’m here because I want to have a stronger testimony, I’m here because I want to come closer with our Savior, I’m here because I want to become that person that God wants me to be, I’m here because I love my family more than I could ever say and I want to live with them forever, and I’m here because I want to be the type of Mom and wife that my future family will need to raise them in the gospel and have all of the peace and happiness that comes with it! I know that as hard as it may seem right now, that the Lord is shaping me into the missionary and person that he needs me to be. I do love my mission, it’s already the hardest thing I’ve had to do, but I love my mission because I know what it’s doing for me. I love the people here so much too! I love Hungary and I’m so lucky to be here!! Ok, sorry to rant! I’m done! :)

This week Florá and Krisztaf got their mission calls!!! England and Germany! So so soo cool! They are a brother and sister. I look up to them so much and they are so excited to go! Leaving in September. This week in English class we were playing catch phrase and he says “Ok, so animal, breathes water, we eats this animal, jumps out of water high..” when the other yells 'VALE!! VALE! ITS A VALE!' (whale) haha I can’t explain it, but me and Sister Butterfield laughed for the rest of the class, everything was so funny that class! They all get so into it, and we’re all laughing! I love English class, we teach the highest level, so I actually get to speak! haha its amazing how good it feels to actually talk to them!

Forgot to mention, but I finished Doctrine and Covenants two weeks ago, I love it! Wow, it is full of missionary work and the blessings that come from it, I loved reading it! All the missionaries read one section a day when they are that many days left on their mission as sort of a countdown, thought it would be cool to read it at the beginning and the end of my mission. I’m also reading the Book of Mormon in a month, I thought if I read it once a month I will read it 16 times on my mission! I would love to be able to do that and know that it would be a huge help to me and the people I’m serving! Love the Book of Mormon!We taught both of the Istváns this week, they are both doing great, pretty quiet, but saying more each lesson. It’s amazing to see the change in people as we meet with them. They both are still pretty sad, but they do seem more positive as we have met with them and they are always happier by the end of the lesson! I love the people here and I love being a missionary! :)

The Elders brought us our mail, I had 9 letters, 3 were from Don!! You guys are the best!!! Thank you so so much, makes me feel so loved! I’m trying my best to write everyone back. I don’t have much free time though, so it’s taking longer than I thought! 26 emails too, wow! I love you all! haha I love reading all of your letters though, makes me feel like I’m there in a sense, sounds like you’re all just as busy as ever! Awe, Dad, I miss your singing voice! In church, not everyone knows the tune to the songs and there normally isn’t a piano, but it sure makes me appreciate the choir and music that we have at home! Keep it up with missionary work!!! I KNOW how much the missionaries appreciate the help. We don’t do much with the members here.. but this week there were 5 people who came up to us to talk! It was so great!! And we have our first ever dinner apt. this week with a member, so we’re really excited! haha hopefully not potatoes! :)
Thanks for all of the love, letters, and emails again!

Love you all soooooo much!
Love, Sister Schnoor xox

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