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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

June 17, 2014

Ok, so I don’t have as much time this week so I’ll get to my letter quick!
This week went so fast! Met some great new people!! Things are still going great and I’m so happy! We did a lot of tracting this week and were let in by quite a few people. One older lady told us all about her many experiences with ghosts! Another older man let us in, but his wife walked out of the bedroom and took one look at us and said “NO! Get them out! Who are they? NO! NO! Out!” ... awkward...! haha We met a younger guy named Zoltán, so cool! He was really interested in the Book of Mormon, we gave him one and he said that he will read the whole thing then talk to us about it when he is finished. I know it will be the same as József though, and that as soon as he realizes all that the book teaches, he will want to meet earlier!
János is still doing great! We were talking about the atonement and repentance with him this week. We talked for about 20 mins. and Sister Butterfield read a scripture when he said real loud “Ok, now you say a prayer quick, because we are shelling peas!” Then he just bows his head and folds his arms! haha I love János! He said to reward us he would give us ice cream, so sweet of him. He put down the jug and gave us two spoons to eat out of it with. It looked like cookies and cream, my favorite! I was super excited, took a big bite and... makás! Blah! NOT a fan! haha It’s the poppy seed paste I was warned about! Not oreo! haha I have never had to force down ice cream in my life, but my throat was so frozen from swallowing it so fast! haha Everyone loves it here though! He also gave us a big bag of cherries he picked just that morning! I looove cherries here, wooo! Thanks János!! On the way home we saw some white inside them though! Yep, worms! Blah! We cut open the cherries and almost everyone had one! I had eaten one already too! I felt so sick just thinking about it! We went to the store and bought a coke, haha that would kill the nasty thing right?? Haha I hope so!
We met with Terí this week as well. Her husband is out of the hospital now and he is doing great. It’s hard not to be just a little discouraged though. She loves meeting with us, but she still hasn’t prayed about the Book of Mormon. She actually said that she hasn’t even read any of it yet. She said that she doesn’t need to, because no one would ever write a book that wasn’t true, so she believes that it’s true and doesn’t need to pray or read it.
I have realized more than ever now, that as missionaries, it’s not our job so convince people that this church is true. We’re not here to prove to anyone that it’s the truth. We’re only here to invite them to pray and to find out for themselves if it is true or not. I know that if she or anyone would just read the Book of Mormon and pray with faith, I know that they would all receive an answer from the Lord that this is the truth, that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he did restore Christ’s church on the earth today. It’s just so hard when people won’t ask God, He can’t give them that answer if they don’t ask.
 We met with Krisztián, he is so cool!! Full of hard questions though, they are great! I love tough questions! We were talking about the Plan of Salvation and he looks at me and said “Ok, so just what if none of this was true, what if you died and this is all wrong? What then?' Well, we told him how we would have lived happy fulfilled lives  etc. etc. but then my heart started pounding and I felt like someone was squeezing my chest. I always know when I need to say something when I feel that way. I said (in really broken Hungarian) “Ok, but what if this really WAS true. What then?" Well, he just got this look on his face and said “good question!”and then we sat for at least 20 seconds in silence... I know silence is a good thing, but I still always want to break the silence all the time! I felt the spirit so strong in that lesson! It was so neat. We’re meeting with him again next week.
Went up to Budapest this week to fill out some paper work and saw some missionaries from the MTC. Sooo great to see all of them again! We’re going up again this Friday for a zone conference, so this week should be a really quick one too! Wow, time is flying by, I can’t believe tomorrow is my 3 month mark!
Sounds like you have had a busy week!! Haha great to hear about the garage door! I actually didn’t remember at all what was wrong with it when I read your letter. It’s just become so normal to me to open it! Haha Dad, it made me laugh when you mentioned that you just weren't “getting around to it” acting like your just sitting on the couch and had all the time in the world! I know how hard you work Dad and how busy you always are! Awe, I love the street market! It sounds like I actually picked a good year to miss it though! I love love love that you went on a date! Wooo!!! You go parents! Keep up the cute dates ok? Even if they are just at home! Sounds like Jaycie did great with her talk too! haha She told me how bad she was sweating. I can for sure relate to that! haha I panic so many times a day! haha Right before someone answers, or when someone asks me a question and I have no idea what they just said! haha I’ve gotten pretty good at hiding it though. I panic just as much as always though! haha Wow, I can’t believe its summer already there!! So glad Mom gets a break from work too! Dad you take it easy too ok?? I keep thinking that it is still just March back there at home... haha I feel like everything is still just on pause since I left! Oh my, the babies are coming so soon too! Aaaaah!! Please take a lot of pictures and videos for me ok? Oh and I remember Dad asking about the people having lots of cars here but I didn’t answer! I thought the same thing, but when I asked my trainer, she said there looks like a lot, but there are sooo many people in the ten stories that there really aren’t very many at all and that most everyone takes the bus/ metro. There are some really nice cars here though! if I ever don’t answer a question, just ask it again in the next email ok??
Things are still going great and I’m loving being a missionary!
Xoxo Sister Schnoor

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