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Hungary Mission Home Address

Sister Teagen Schnoor
Hungary Budapest Mission
Hajnóczy József Utca 14

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

April 16, 2014

 There's tons of beautiful flowers growing everywhere!

 The cute little dragon that artistic Elder Oaks made.

 The rain was from their Temple walk on Sunday! These are the Noverek from the other 
Hungarian district! She loves them and says they are all sweethearts! :)

So apparantly "doutang" has become a daily joke in her district! haha

Teagen's Letter April 16, 2014

Family!!! This week was another great one!!! :) It went by even faster than the others. I have a feeling I’m going to be saying that each week though! A MONTH?! What the what??! NO way jose! It’s so exciting, but it is actually so terrifying!!! haha That means I am half done with the time for learning a language!!!
Wow! I got so many letters this week! I’m feeling so so loved!!! I got 6 Dear Elders and then 8 emails! I love everyone! I loved hearing about what’s going on in everyone’s lives! I’m sad that I couldn’t be there for Emily’s baby gender reveal party, but it sounds like a hoot! It made me not feel like I was missing out too much since she already told me though!! haha I loved that! Oh and I am also so relieved that there was pink icing in there and that Ryan does indeed like girls! Whew, that was a close one Emmy! haha I can finally talk about it on here!!! A GIRL! AND A BOY!!!!!! Janae, you are so right, how lucky are we?! I already cannot wait to snuggle them up! Oh my, I’m already dying for pictures!!!! Ryan’s Dad sounds like the cutest little kid with his dance!  I would have loved to have seen Dad take a huge bite into that cupcake, haha I can picture everyone else but him! Did he swallow it after or just spit it out?? hahaha Just kidding! I love him!
I just read your last email and loved hearing about Robson blessing the sacrament, oh my goodness!!!! So adorable! I loved reading Justin’s letter too!!
Blake’s tonsils are out?!? WOOO!!! hahaha Mel- when I read about him eating crunchy food, I instantly went back to the motor home when all of us girls were actually terrified of Blake while he was “crunchy” haha he is such a dork. I love him!
Remember that one time we were working out like Diane Wolff does and you just took off up the stairs Mom? haha I think of our funny family memories all of the time! Oh and thank you so so much for keeping up with my blog!
Janae- Dad would be so proud of you for your pirates movies lately! haha and tell Dad that I will for sure make up for mowing the grass when I’m home! And Brayden no, I haven’t felt the cell phone YET, but every other missionary that I talk to has! I really tried to adjust to that before I came! 
Tell Dad that I am indeed taking a vitamin everyday and that I’m still sticking to salads everyday! The food really isn’t too bad, but it just gets a little old when you eat it everyday I guess. Oh and I think I have eaten my body weight in peanut butter.. haha I know it’s not healthy but I’m addicted! Every day I have banana and peanut putter with sliced almonds. I’m a little worried I’ll have withdrawals when I go to Hungary as we hear they don’t have any peanut butter over there!!!! 
Oh and I print off the emails on Wednesday mornings at 8:00! So if you can, write them before then so I can print them off!! 
Yes, it is beautiful down here!!! I’ll send you some pictures home from the spring down here! You would loooove it! Flowers everywhere! The campus really is beautiful!! I just wish I could be outside in it more! Tell Mel to tell me more about Brandon. I love hearing about other missionaries in the field, I’m sorta feeling like the MTC is my mission, haha but I do love it here! 
Ok so I feel like not much happened this week that was much different from last. Crazy that what I do is now considered 'normal' haha but the highlight was for sure yesterday!!! So I got all of the Dear Elders, and I was waiting for our devotional to start. So I started reading them and was reading Brayden’s when he was asking about devotionals and if I had seen any apostles yet... welllllll, not even 10 mins. later Neil L. Anderson walked in!!!!!!!!! When he walked in, it was the same thing as when Elder Holland came in. You could just feel the Spirit of the Lord with him! Amazing! I was sitting 3rd row. He did it way different than I was expecting though. The entire time he had missionaries get up and share scriptures on the great sermons Christ taught. I got some great study material from it, but I only have about a paragraph of notes from what he actually said! haha I loved it though. The Elder right in front of me shared a scripture, so my face was on the huge screen for a solid 30 seconds... which was a long time for me just sorta awkwardly staring at him.. haha they were broadcasting it to every MTC in the world live and over 15,000 people where watching! I was a little red to say the least!  Oh and this Sunday is Easter.... so I was told that Elder Holland is coming!!!!!! My friend! haha I feel like we’re great buddies now. How amazing would that be?? 2 apostles in a week!! I’m so spoiled! Devotionals have got to be my favorite days, they just get me so so pumped up for the rest of the week and so excited to get to Hungary!!! Oh and I was going to join the choir, but I go early to devotionals, and I have absolutely loved sitting so close when speakers come!! So I think I’ll try it for a few days, but when some one big comes, I think I’ll just sit at the front still haha!
Dear Elder me everyone’s addresses please!!!! Can you send one in a separate one with all the addresses and the important dates?? haha Birthdays, anniversaries etc?? I don’t want to forget anything! I also have more time to write letters than emails, so that way I can comment on some things going on with all of the kids! So that would be so great! Thank you!!  I am really needing some shoes too! The ones that I got before will work, but they are taking forever to break in! They are fine everywhere but dig in really bad on the top of my heels. I’m working them each night though, so they will get there! I have worn my white ones almost every day! So glad I brought them! 
Oh and the funny language stories for this week: I actually didn’t say anything too bad this week! I of course messed up words, but didn’t say funny sentences! haha but my roomie did! At TRC she said that she loved Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk about death... instead of gratitude! haha It’s halal and halan, so they are super close!!! And then my companion asked them " so according to you, what do you think that you like to do?" haha I was trying so hard not to laugh. Then right after that, we asked them to pray and they said “Please bless Williamson Nover and Shnook Nover! I was sweating I was trying so hard to keep it in!! haha Then I thought of Mel saying 'think of dead puppies' it just got worse and worse! I did it though! haha I kept it in! 
There are so many funny moments here! I wish I could just call you and tell you right after any of them happen! I am doing great, the language is still just as hard, but its getting closer! They just keep adding grammar rules each day, so it literally gets more and more complicated each day! haha
I feel like I don’t tell you enough, but I have such a testimony of this Gospel. I have taken it so for granted that I have known this my entire life! There are people in Hungary who have no idea though, that breaks my heart! I honestly just want to stop everyone I see and tell them about it! I want everyone to have a chance to hear it! I am scared that I’m leaving in a month, but I couldn’t be more excited too! 
Give the family all of my love!!! Please know how much I love you all! 
I love you too Anya! (Momma)
Stay safe, stay strong, can’t wait for next Wednesday!!
Szentlelek!! (I love you!)
Schnoor Nover 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

April 9, 2014

  Teagen with Elder Austin Klima, her childhood buddy 
who lived just around the corner when they were young.
 Elder Oaks artwork! Drawing a picture of another 
Canadian word they've never heard of, duotang. lol
Just another typical Hungarian lesson on the chalkboard!

Teagen's Letter April 9, 2014

How are you??? How is the family? How is Hill Spring??
I loved getting your letters! I dont think you realize how much I laugh at them when I read them! haha They are always the highlight of my week! I told my roommates about Brooke and they love her just as much as I do now! hahaha Flake for Jaycie’s baby? That is the best name I’ve heard all day! haha
I forgot about your 2 finger typing Mom!!! You are so speedy at it too!
It was beautiful out today! I think I have worn a coat only 4 times since being here! Its crazy!!!! We go to the Temple each Wednesday morning at 8:00 and then a Temple walk on Sundays!
So glad Dad is feeling better!!! I loved getting his letter, I read his and yours over and over again when I was having a tougher time last week. haha Glad to know he is as witty as he ever was!!! And that you haven’t changed either with your ADD focusing doing things during conference! haha I love you both! Yes, we watched all of conference!! It was great! Weird not watching it in pjs in the living room though! I loved the Womans Broadcast too!
Dad didn’t win an ipad this time at his conference?? haha i died when you said how PJ is a fat lion now! hahah send me pics please! I would love to see anything that is goin on! That yard clean up is a huuuge job! Are all of the kids coming home for Easter?? I hope so! They would be a big help for the clean up! 
I love hearing all the random day to day things! I'm so much better this week! Last P Day was the only little breakdown I’ve had. It didn’t last too long either, but this week was great! :)
Ok so my week really quick. I guess I’ll start with my hard day last week.. that night I prayed really hard for the Lord to help me, I really needed His help. I was really missing home, but I needed a night to just be sad. So I told the Lord that I did. I thanked Him so much for giving me the family that he has. I’m so lucky to have a family that I love so much and that I miss so much! I needed just a few more minutes to be sad that night and then I told him that the next day I would be ready to be strong again. I have been saving everyone’s letters in my journal to read when I need it.  I read yours that night, thank you so much Mom. That was such a comfort to me, I don’t think you will ever know! It’s amazing how the Lord works sometimes. The next day, I wasn’t sad. He answered my prayer. I still missed home, but I was completely focused on the gospel instead. I love this gospel with all of my heart. I know its going to be hard, it wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t, but I know He will help me though it! Your poem you sent me is one of my new favs for sure! Thank you again so so much!
EMILY JUST TOLD ME WHAT SHE IS HAVING!!! That’s all I can say though....
My gym class is super fun! I normally work out a bit then play volleyball or basketball. No English yet from my teachers but I just love them though! The language is coming more every day, it’s just the grammar though, it’s so hard!
OOOOH!!! So 2 nights ago, Sister Hawks, who sleeps right beside me, said at about 2:00 a.m. she heard me sleep talking.. she said it was all about the first vision!! hahahha  I thought it was sooo funny!! haha no question what I am thinking about 24/7 Oh boy! 
I haven’t heard anything about immunizations since I’ve been here, not sure if I still need some or not?? Guess what’s scary; next week is my one month mark! That’s crazy!!!
Ok, I have to go now, but I already can’t wait for the email next week!
Love you love you love you! 
laynad, (your daughter)
Schnoor Nover
Oh, and I said “roll” at dinner today without even thinking about it! haha I think Mel would be proud!

April 2, 2014

 Teagen and Sister Williamson (her companion) 
pointing to their future destination in Hungary!
 In the classroom!
 Hill Spring to Budapest! 
Definitely a LONG ways from home!
Teagen has a great district at the MTC! They spend many hours a day studying and 
learning the Hungarian language together.
 Salads are really tasting good to Teagen these days!! 
(Her Dad seems pretty happy about that! haha) 
 Provo Utah Temple again. Looking a little more
wintery than last week!
 At the dorms!
With all her roommates on Temple Day!

Teagen's letter April 2, 2014

This week went much faster than the week before, so that was really good. I am still doing really good and I’m still super happy! I loooooved reading all of the emails from everyone! Please tell the family how much I love hearing from all of them. I just honestly don’t have time to write them all back! I print out everyone’s letters and read them over and over again though!!

Yes, I got your Dear Elder letter!!!! So how it works is our district leader picks up all the mail then delivers is to us! So I got it at lunch on Monday! If you send it before eleven it gets to me that same day!!! If it’s easier for you to I would love for you to send your letters that way!!! Just don’t send them later than Tuesday before 11 am or I wont get them before my P-day! I loved getting my letter during the week though!! I hope it isn’t too difficult to do! Even if just at night you wanna send me an update of the day or whatever!! haha just whatever is easiest!!!
Ok, so this week!!! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been another week already! I was laughing when everyone was saying how it was special that we were all watching the Womens Broadcast at the same time even though we weren’t together... sorry, but we haven’t seen it yet! haha I feel so special that you were thinking about me though!! I think they are saving it for us to watch later! The missionary choir isn’t singing for conference this year, so you most likely won’t see me, but I’ll be watching that with you!! haha I’m still just hoping they will announce a new Temple in Hungary! haha
The Albanians left this week! It was crazy how close we have all gotten in just a few days! So sad saying goodbye though. I loved it every Sunday when it was Sacrament Mtg. and we would all sing hymns together. There were 5 languages!! English, Albanian, Estonian, Hungarian and Finnish! I loved listening to it! I just love singing in Hungarian, we have no idea what we are saying yet... haha but we can read at least! Oh and this week I felt the Spirit for the first time while teaching in Hungarian. I was teaching in super broken Hungarian, but I still knew the truth of what I was saying (or at least trying to say) haha I know that the gospel is true no matter where you are in the world or what language you are speaking in. In the MTC I feel the spirit so differently than I did before! It’s crazy! I just have never felt it like this before.
Ok, so no big deal... I met David Archuletta on Sunday... haha He came for a devotional and sang while Richard Elliot (the mo tab organist) played! David got home from his mission just a few days earlier and I was sitting super close! Amazing!!!!
Funny stories this week: elet is life and etel is food.... so I bore testimony to someone that we can have eternal food after death! hahaha oh boy! We were all laughing pretty hard!! Oh and beke is peace, but beka is frog... we still can’t hear the difference between the 2 so that’s another thing we need to work on!  hahahaha Mom, I laughed out loud when you said "hi salad!" in your translation!! It actually means hello family!..., but hi salad works too!
So I said goodbye to Aunt Inger and Uncle Duane today. Right when they were about to leave, Uncle Duane said this is what your Dad would want and then gave me a huge bear hug and said I love you Tigger, then said that was from your Dad. So of course I started crying. Oh boy! Now I’m tearing up right now. My emotions are all out of whack right now. I know the girls say they are the ones with pregger hormones, but I feel like I’m the one with them right now! haha
Ok well I’m out of time again, but I can’t wait for your letters! I love you so so much. I really want to give you all a big hug right now. Can’t wait until next week!
Schnoor Nover