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Hungary Mission Home Address

Sister Teagen Schnoor
Hungary Budapest Mission
Hajnóczy József Utca 14

Sunday, 13 April 2014

April 9, 2014

  Teagen with Elder Austin Klima, her childhood buddy 
who lived just around the corner when they were young.
 Elder Oaks artwork! Drawing a picture of another 
Canadian word they've never heard of, duotang. lol
Just another typical Hungarian lesson on the chalkboard!

Teagen's Letter April 9, 2014

How are you??? How is the family? How is Hill Spring??
I loved getting your letters! I dont think you realize how much I laugh at them when I read them! haha They are always the highlight of my week! I told my roommates about Brooke and they love her just as much as I do now! hahaha Flake for Jaycie’s baby? That is the best name I’ve heard all day! haha
I forgot about your 2 finger typing Mom!!! You are so speedy at it too!
It was beautiful out today! I think I have worn a coat only 4 times since being here! Its crazy!!!! We go to the Temple each Wednesday morning at 8:00 and then a Temple walk on Sundays!
So glad Dad is feeling better!!! I loved getting his letter, I read his and yours over and over again when I was having a tougher time last week. haha Glad to know he is as witty as he ever was!!! And that you haven’t changed either with your ADD focusing doing things during conference! haha I love you both! Yes, we watched all of conference!! It was great! Weird not watching it in pjs in the living room though! I loved the Womans Broadcast too!
Dad didn’t win an ipad this time at his conference?? haha i died when you said how PJ is a fat lion now! hahah send me pics please! I would love to see anything that is goin on! That yard clean up is a huuuge job! Are all of the kids coming home for Easter?? I hope so! They would be a big help for the clean up! 
I love hearing all the random day to day things! I'm so much better this week! Last P Day was the only little breakdown I’ve had. It didn’t last too long either, but this week was great! :)
Ok so my week really quick. I guess I’ll start with my hard day last week.. that night I prayed really hard for the Lord to help me, I really needed His help. I was really missing home, but I needed a night to just be sad. So I told the Lord that I did. I thanked Him so much for giving me the family that he has. I’m so lucky to have a family that I love so much and that I miss so much! I needed just a few more minutes to be sad that night and then I told him that the next day I would be ready to be strong again. I have been saving everyone’s letters in my journal to read when I need it.  I read yours that night, thank you so much Mom. That was such a comfort to me, I don’t think you will ever know! It’s amazing how the Lord works sometimes. The next day, I wasn’t sad. He answered my prayer. I still missed home, but I was completely focused on the gospel instead. I love this gospel with all of my heart. I know its going to be hard, it wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t, but I know He will help me though it! Your poem you sent me is one of my new favs for sure! Thank you again so so much!
EMILY JUST TOLD ME WHAT SHE IS HAVING!!! That’s all I can say though....
My gym class is super fun! I normally work out a bit then play volleyball or basketball. No English yet from my teachers but I just love them though! The language is coming more every day, it’s just the grammar though, it’s so hard!
OOOOH!!! So 2 nights ago, Sister Hawks, who sleeps right beside me, said at about 2:00 a.m. she heard me sleep talking.. she said it was all about the first vision!! hahahha  I thought it was sooo funny!! haha no question what I am thinking about 24/7 Oh boy! 
I haven’t heard anything about immunizations since I’ve been here, not sure if I still need some or not?? Guess what’s scary; next week is my one month mark! That’s crazy!!!
Ok, I have to go now, but I already can’t wait for the email next week!
Love you love you love you! 
laynad, (your daughter)
Schnoor Nover
Oh, and I said “roll” at dinner today without even thinking about it! haha I think Mel would be proud!

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