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Sister Teagen Schnoor
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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April 27th, 2015

This week was amazing!! Wow, we don’t know what happened, but the work is finally taking off! We stayed really busy this week and met some amazing people!!
JÁNOS!!! Wow, so Sister Feil was streeting someone last transfer and János just stopped and started listening. When the conversation was over he asked what the Book of Mormon was, said that he wants to follow Jesus Christ and wanted to meet. We finally contacted him this week and met on Tuesday.
He is amazing!!! Has been reading every day and already praying! One of the first things that he said was the Book of Mormon answered questions that he has had about the Bible his whole life. He said that both of them together contain the fulness of Christ’s gospel. Wow! He is SO incredibly prepared for the gospel! We met with him three times this week and he has just LOVED every lesson. In the first lesson, we asked if he understood and he said “oh yes! I understand it all, and I love every word that you say! Keep teaching!” We taught him about faith, repentance and baptism. We asked if he would like to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper authority. He said “of course!” We then asked when he felt that he would be ready to be baptized. He said “minden nap” which means “every day!” We explained how it only needed to be done once, but he is sooo incredibly prepared to accept the Gospel!
He told us of his life story. He was pretty much raised on the streets. He said his Dad would teach him “games” when he was 4 or 5. The “games” was him stealing. He didn’t know anything different. Almost everyone in his family has passed away and his wife left him. He didn’t have anything. He said “that’s when he turned to God.” From that day on, he said he felt like he was preparing for something, studying the Bible daily and waiting. He said that now he knows why. He said that he was preparing for this, to meet with us and learn of the restored gospel.
György (mex) came 40 mins late and said he “got damage to his face”. We didn’t exactly know what he meant until we saw him. He brought us a huge bouquet of lilacs to apologize for being late. He had glasses and a hat on, but half of his face was all swollen. He took off his hat and glasses and I have never seen an eye so swollen. It was awful! It was swollen so much that he could barely see out of it, it was such a deep purple, it looked black. His cheek bone was also broken and his ear was literally black. When we asked what happened, he said “my Dad, I made him mad.” like it was nothing and put his glasses back on. We taught him about his Father in Heaven. We told him that he has another Father, not just one on earth, but one in Heaven, who is the Father of our spirits. We told him how much He cared for and loved him. György kept shaking his head really slow and saying “wow, really? He loves me?” it was so wonderful to reassure him that He does! We explained the importance of prayer to him and how we can have a relationship with Him. How God will always love him and want to talk with him. The spirit was there so strong and György said the closing prayer.
I gave a talk in church this week! My mouth still gets sore when I speak Hungarian a lot! haha Just the way that the they conjugate everything.
Well, so much more happened this week, but this is all I have time for this week!
We printed pics today and I forgot my card!!! Ah! I’ll have to send pictures next week, so sorry!
Hope your doing great, I love you so so much!l!! xoxoxo
Sister Schnoor 

Monday, 20 April 2015

April 20th, 2015

We went on a hike last P day, it was sooo cool
looking over the whole city! 

Look who I found in Győr this weekend?! :)


I had a good week! I have been all over the country though! This week I went to Székesfehérvár, Dunaújváros, Győr, then home to Tatabánya. Wow, I was sooo tired! I loved it though! I looooove going back to areas that I’ve served in, it’s so weird seeing all of the same buildings and where you used to live and to think how different you were then or how you’ve have changed.
We had to give 2 trainings for different zones this week, they turned out good though! haha Still hate talking in front of people though! We were sooo tired by the end of the week! haha We for sure have turned into little old ladies out here!
K, little miracle that happened this week! So, there is this guy named Laci, he is freaky. He is homeless and crazy. I guess the old sisters used to meet with him, so he always runs up to us when he sees us. He isn’t a big fan of me though, because I’m not meeting with him. Ok, anyways! So we were walking home after English class, so it was getting dark and no one was on the streets. I heard this guy yelling and cussing in Hungarian, so mad. It was Laci coming across the cross walk right towards us!!! We were going to cross paths and he was only a few feet away. He was super drunk and sooo mad! I was scared and we had no where to go and no one was around. I just prayed in my heart and we kept walking. Laci saw us and got furious, he was marching right up to us cussing and when he was about 4 feet away, I didn’t know what else to do but to just pray harder! We made eye contact and he looked right at us. Then he just suddenly stopped yelling, turned and walked away in the opposite direction. He didn’t even recognize us. I felt the spirit so strong and don’t konw what would have happened if he didn’t stop, maybe nothing, but I felt protected and that we were being looked out for. Sorry, that was a little long, but I wanted to tell you! :) You know from the movie "17 miracles?" When she gets on the train and her husband looks right at her and doesn’t recognize her? That’s exactly what I thought of after it happened. I’ll never watch that movie again without  remembering Laci and what happened.
One more stressful thing about this mission, is the buses and trains everywhere! So we were a little late getting out the door and had to run to the train station. The elders were waiting and told us we only had 4 mins! Ah! We ran in quick and the ticket lady ran out of paper... Ah! We grabbed our tickets and ran out. Tatabánya has the worst train station. haha There is a big hall and then huge staircases of about 60 stairs leading down to each platform. Ok, so the elders were on the train waiting and we ran as fast as we could and raced down the last staircase and no train!! Ugh, we thought we missed it, when we saw it across the tracks! So we ran down the wrong one! We tore up those stairs and across and down the other huge staircase! haha Good thing no one was around, we had to pull up our skirts a bit and take it three at a time. FINALLY made it and it was so good to see the elders waiting in the doorway when the train starting moving! So I’m racing towards them and they are both reaching out ready to grab me and pull me up onto the moving train that’s going faster and faster. I’m about to jump when I look back and see Sis. Feil running behind me and I’m yelling “can u make it?!” haha she says “no! I can’t, don’t jump!” So I stopped running and just watched as the door closed on the elders and we were just watching each other through the window as the train left! haha I don’t normally throw in these kinda random stories, but just so you get an idea of what the transportation is sometimes like over here!  
We didn’t teach a ton of lessons this week with being gone so much, but this next week will have some more!
Love you so much!!!
Have a great week! xoxo
Schnoor Nővér