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Monday, 13 April 2015

April 13th, 2015

Here are some pics of the country side where Edit lives. 
It made me feel right at home! I didn’t realize how much I missed the country!
It is always so incredibly humbling to see what these people live in. 

The trees behind me are mistletoe trees! Cool eh?! 
I feel like I’m in a Dr. Seuss book! :)

Hey family! Ok I have to tell you all about Edit!!!
Wow, I have never met anyone so “golden!” I don’t want to say I stopped believing in golden investigators, but I started just thinking that that meant people who were prepared to hear our message and would meet several times with us. Welllll I was so wrong. Edit went into the church in Budapest and said she felt so weird, because everyone around her was smiling and in a really good mood. She  started talking to the Elders there. She said that she had the warmest feeling come over her and soon she was smiling and was so incredibly happy. She said she had no idea why, but she knew that this "was something” and she had to find out more. She has met with a lot of missionaries of other faiths, but always stopped after the first meeting. She wasn’t “a believer” before she met with us, but she bore the strongest testimony to me in our first lesson that she knows without a single doubt that God is real and guiding her in her life. That she knows Joseph Smith restored Jesus Christ’s gospel on the earth. Her testimony is so incredibly strong of the Book of Mormon and of prayer. She said “of course!” she’s going to be baptized and has been sharing the Gospel with everyone that she knows. She lives in a little falu, so it takes a while to get to her place, but sooo worth it!
This week, she came to church and just loved it! She has some health problems though, her legs are always in a lot of pain and it is hard for her to stand and walk, but she still made it the 3 hours it took her to come to church, isn’t that amazing?! When we met she said she didn’t know if she could come because of the pain and she has no money to come. We knew that Heavenly Father would help her. She jumped right in and said, you know, you’re right! He will, I’ll be at church this week! Wow, she just doesn’t stop amazing me!! After church, she got a priesthood blessing. When we said amen, I looked over and tears were just streaming down her face. She couldn’t say much, but said “thank you” over and over and “this feeling, this feeling!” We explained to her that it was the Spirit that she was feeling and that is how Heavenly Father speaks to us and tells us when things are right and inline with his will and how that feeling can be with her constantly after she is baptized and receives the gift of the Holy Ghost. She would be baptized this weekend, but she is going into the hospital for three weeks. So hard she has this trial right now! We’re just going to pray and trust in Heavenly Father that He will watch over her and we will still be able to meet with her.
We had a really great missionary leadership meeting this week in Budapest too! I learned a ton! We will be going on splits almost weekly, starting next week! This week, we have zone training, ah! I’m so nervous, I hate speaking in front of people! So we will be going to Győr on Friday (so excited to go back!!) and we have also been invited to do a training in Dunaújváros on Thursady! It will be really fun going back to some of my old cities!
Love you all so much!!!
Schnoor Nover

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