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Saturday, 28 February 2015

February 23, 2015

Ádám is the one being baptized. He has had a baptismal date for 
4 years, but waiting to turn 18 so he doesn’t need his parents permission. 
I was so lucky to be here for it! We sang “Come Thou Fount” 
again and the spirit was there so strong!

A picture and sweet letter sent to us from Sister Bagossi!
"Here is a picture of your missionary and her companion 
when they were in for interviews. They had just got "Super Standard." 
She is a great missionary and is a trainer for a new missionary.  
Hope you are well and enjoying having a daughter on a mission.  
She is the best! Sok Szeretettel, Sister Bagozzi
This is the one and only Gábor! 

Ok, so I have no time as usual! 
We helped this handicapped man to the bus yesterday. He was so incredibly physically disabled and was trying so hard to make it across 3 blocks to his bus. It broke my heart to see him struggling so much to walk. I think it was a little frightening for Sister Rankin to grab his arm but we did anyways and pretty much carried him to the bus stop. I’ve never seen someone so happy in my life! He was literally crying and laughing like a little kid for joy! Throwing his head back and clapping, so giddy! Just saying köszőnöm over and over again! It made me so happy to help him and I couldn’t help but think of Robson back home. I miss him so much and can’t wait to see him again. 
Gábor told us so simply in our last lesson that he knew that God was real, he knew the Book of Mormon was true and that he has felt the Spirit when he reads it. It was amazing! I can’t even explain the joy of hearing one of your investigators bear their testimony. We moved his baptismal date to March 7th!! :) He is still a little scared, because he said that it will change his life and is such a huge decision. He is right! It is a huge decision and will completely change his life too, but only for the best in every way!
Thank you so so much for all of your emails! I loved them, I love you!  
I’m praying for you every day!  xoxo
Sister Schnoor 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

February 16th, 2015

So I have no time again! So reeeeaaaal quick, here is my week in a nutshell... 
Went up to Budapest, had zone conference, I loved them both, but they do take a ton of working hours from us!
I just came from a super great first program with a Professor at the University here. Wow! He was so interesting to talk to and had some amazing questions. He is super athiest and proves everything with science, so it’s an entire new look on everything but I looove it when they come with awesome questions! Gives us an amazing opportunity to testify and explain what we believe in. I’m always a little brain dead after a few hours straight of Hungarian programs. Just concentrating for that long totally wipes us out physically! He invited us to a cukrázda to meet his wife this weekend. 
We have had a really hard time lately finding new investigators, because we just haven’t had any extra minutes to find, only flyering and running from program to program! I have been praying a ton lately to find some new people to meet with! We had miracles happen this week! We had 40 minutes to find one day, so we made the most of it and hit the streets with 4 Book of Mormons. We talked to everyone and we passed and handed out every Book of Mormon, got numbers from each of the people we gave them to and set up with 2 more! It was incredible, we just kept looking at each other after setting up with someone else and kept asking, "what is going on?!" Sister Rankin just said I have no idea, but don’t change anything! haha One of them was the Professor that we met with today! Can’t wait to meet with the others this week!! 
John, he said that he was praying for peace and opened to a “random” verse in the Book of Mormon and started to read, it was in Helaman 5:47, “Peace, peace be unto you, because of your faith in my Well Beloved, who was from the foundation of the world." Anyways, he said that he was filled with a feeling of peace, like a blanket of warmth and felt so calm. He said that he knew that it was God answering his prayer and telling him that He is there with him and to not ever give up. I felt the Spirit so strong when he told us about it and we bore testimony that it was Heavenly Father speaking to him through the scriptures and the Holy Ghost.
I’m out of time for today!!!
Love you!! xoxoxox

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

February 11th, 2015

Trainers :) so fun spending the day in Buda with these girls!
I made us lecso :) 
We spent 5 hours tracting the first day with my new boots! 
This is 2 days later, but I’ve never seen a blister so big! 
Sis. Rankin is in love with the wafers here! haha 

We went to one of our programs with a sweet lady. We rang for her to let us into the ten story, but instead of letting us in, she met us outside. She gave us back the Book of Mormon and said that she can’t meet with us anymore, she said she is sorry, but she’s heard about us and she already has a religion and we can’t come back. I was so surprised as we had such a great program with her before and she told us how excited she was for us to come back. We didn’t have much time, but I apologized if it came across that we were here to just change her religion. I told her about our purpose as missionaries to bring people closer to Jesus Christ. She told us how sorry she was and closed the door. I’ve never had that happen on my mission, but I know she will remember and hopefully the next time missionaries meet her she will be ready! 
We met a really nice Néni tracting and she let us in. She was looking all over the place for something, lifting up speakers, etc. I asked her what she was looking for and she said, “my teeth! I can’t eat the meat without them!” haha We couldn’t find them anywhere though! She was so sweet and gave us cake and said we needed napkins so she grabbed a little pile of them off the shelf and out popped her teeth haha!! She was SO incredibly happy!! “Ó Meg van!” popped them right in and could finally eat her meat! So cute!
We came to the church for one of our programs and heard a bácsi yelling. We came around the corner and he was leaning way out his apartment window yelling at everyone to stop playing soccer for sport nap. When we got to the fence, they told us sisters to take the kids and I saw the old basci still yelling and coming towards us. He had a huge knife in his hands and was waving it all over while he yelled! I still had no idea what was happening, so we quickly took all the kids and waited near the gate. The members and some of the Elders tried talking to him and called the police. He finally went back to his apartment and nothing happened, but it was a crazy experience for Sis. Rankins first sport nap! 
We went up to Budapest on Sunday for New Missionary training and came back Monday! It was so fun spending the day with all of those sisters! It’s crazy how many buses, trains, and metros I’ve been on! It’s so normal for me now and crazy to think that I’d never been on one before my mission! 
Oh and I fixed my white watch :) My nice coat also broke this week... the zipper is busted, it was so so cold with the wind, but the Elders shut it in the door and it is tough, but it zips up again! wooo! haha Everything is breaking all of a sudden and my clothes are starting to rip and seams coming out! Man, I didn’t think I’ve been here this long, but they are getting a lot of wear and tear on them! I took out some money last week for a new pair of boots! They are kinda ugly, because they make my feet look like size nine, but Dad would be proud because they are real leather and now my socks aren’t soaked everywhere we go!! Woooo! I’m going to buy some good insoles because the shoes have no support here. 
I love you so so much and will continue to pray for you every day! Have a great week! 
looooove you!!