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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

February 16th, 2015

So I have no time again! So reeeeaaaal quick, here is my week in a nutshell... 
Went up to Budapest, had zone conference, I loved them both, but they do take a ton of working hours from us!
I just came from a super great first program with a Professor at the University here. Wow! He was so interesting to talk to and had some amazing questions. He is super athiest and proves everything with science, so it’s an entire new look on everything but I looove it when they come with awesome questions! Gives us an amazing opportunity to testify and explain what we believe in. I’m always a little brain dead after a few hours straight of Hungarian programs. Just concentrating for that long totally wipes us out physically! He invited us to a cukrázda to meet his wife this weekend. 
We have had a really hard time lately finding new investigators, because we just haven’t had any extra minutes to find, only flyering and running from program to program! I have been praying a ton lately to find some new people to meet with! We had miracles happen this week! We had 40 minutes to find one day, so we made the most of it and hit the streets with 4 Book of Mormons. We talked to everyone and we passed and handed out every Book of Mormon, got numbers from each of the people we gave them to and set up with 2 more! It was incredible, we just kept looking at each other after setting up with someone else and kept asking, "what is going on?!" Sister Rankin just said I have no idea, but don’t change anything! haha One of them was the Professor that we met with today! Can’t wait to meet with the others this week!! 
John, he said that he was praying for peace and opened to a “random” verse in the Book of Mormon and started to read, it was in Helaman 5:47, “Peace, peace be unto you, because of your faith in my Well Beloved, who was from the foundation of the world." Anyways, he said that he was filled with a feeling of peace, like a blanket of warmth and felt so calm. He said that he knew that it was God answering his prayer and telling him that He is there with him and to not ever give up. I felt the Spirit so strong when he told us about it and we bore testimony that it was Heavenly Father speaking to him through the scriptures and the Holy Ghost.
I’m out of time for today!!!
Love you!! xoxoxox

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