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Sister Teagen Schnoor
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Monday, 2 February 2015

February 2nd, 2015

My new comp, Sis. Rankin from New Jersey! :) 

Hahah soooo this week my boot sort of fell apart! We took our lunch hour to go to the mall 
(to buy me some new boots) and by the time we made it back home, it was looking like this! Little Jazi laughed the whole twenty mins. home and I couldn’t help but just laugh with her! 
I was dragging my foot by the end, so the sole wouldn’t fall off! 

So it must’ve been the week of everything breaking as you can see from my boot, 
the Elder’s pants and now my second watch!!

Sister Rankin's first Turo! 

Jazi gave us “manicures” before her baptism, haha she is the cutest!

So it’s super messy, but we made a pros and cons list with Gábor and he filled it in with pros! 
We taught him about tithing and church the last 2 lessons and he decided that both 
of them are really pros! He accepted a baptismal date for April 4 :) 

Hungarians are SO proud of their dogs, haha don't mind the ugly pic, but I had to pose so we could sneak a quick pic of it! Isn't it cute?

I am so lucky to be staying here in Győr for another transfer! It was so great to go to church and talk with all of the amazing people here and know that I’ll be with them for another 9 weeks! I have people here that I truly consider my best friends! I love Győr so much!!! Poor Sister Rankin (my new companion from New Jersey) was sooo tired from the time difference for the first few days. I don’t even remember my first few days in the country! She is doing great! I didn’t realize how many differences there really are in Hungary until she points them all out again to me. I guess I’ve just gotten used to them and I forgot how some things really are at home! We’re working really hard, but we’re also playing hard! We’ve already been out for ice cream, turo rudi, palácsinta, out to cute restaurants, to the bakery and streeting all over the city!
Our first little miracle, Sunny! So our very first night when we got home, we put down our things, grabbed our flyers and a Mormon Könyve (Book of Mormon) and went out onto the streets to talk to people! Sis. Rankin did great and speaks the language really well for being so young! We stopped a younger Chinese guy named Sunny, (I thought it would be a great first streeting, because I knew he would speak English!) He told us that he talked with a Mormon boy on the train today and that it must be fate that we’re meeting again. It turned out he was talking with Elder Oakes on the train! haha What a small world! He asked if we could sit down at a nearby restaurant so we could talk about our religion. We were there for 40 mins. and then had to run to a program. He was soooo nice to us and had amazing questions. He invited us to dinner the very next night to keep talking. It was such a miracle! He is just here on business trip, but we exchanged all of our info and he said when he comes back in a few months, calling the missionaries will be the first thing that he does! We put up a big fight, but he even bought our dinner the next night. He was so amazing and told us that he cannot join our church right now, but in the future he would like to. He told us to please keep stopping and talking to people and how grateful he was that we met. He said that he knew it was fate that we met and that God needed us to meet. It was such a little thing, but we never know what will happen with Sunny in the future, who he will affect and what will happen. We just do all that we can right now and the rest is in our Heavenly Father's hands. 
So Gábor and I planned a little “surprise” for Sis. Rankin. Gábor is almost fluent and understands almost everything in English. Well we didn’t tell her and taught the first program all in Hungarian. It was a great program and she did great! Second program we were talking about tithing, she was asking me in English how to say something in Hungarian and Gábor just got a great big smile on his face and answers her! Haha I told her we have a surprise, Gábor speaks English! haha I have never seen someone so happy! We still teach him in Hungarian, but she was so grateful that if she tried and couldn’t get it out in Hungarian, that she could express herself in English. Sis Rankin asked him to be baptized in Hungarian and he accepted it for April 4. J
Love you all! xoxo
Schnoor Nover

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  1. Hey, Sister Schnoor! It's Csabi. I'm glad I can read your posts. It'd be good to meet you too, but at least I can follow your mission. Take care and keep on going!