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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

January 27th, 2015

Well, I got a call from President this morning, and I’m going to be training!!! It was just so not what I was expecting! I am nervous, but just because I want to do my best! I’ve been trying to think back, what I loved, what was hard, just all the things I can do to help my new companion! I’ll let you know next email, who she is and where she is from!
In so many ways I still feel like a new missionary myself and just want to do my best you know? I really want to start off her mission right and be the trainer that she needs me to be. I’m going to work so hard with her right off the start and be obedient, but I also want to show her how much fun missionary work can be and how much you can love it! I’ll try to do my very best with her! I really am excited at the same time!!! Just please keep the prayers coming for me ok??
I am also staying here in Győr which makes so happy! So so strange to be staying in the same city though! haha Three quarters of my mission has been opening brand new areas so this transfer is going to be different for sure!
Sister Whittaker is going with a younger missionary than her! She will do so so great! 
Tomorrow is the big “sorting hat” ceremony lol
I’m sorry but I don’t have much more time today.
Love you all so so much!!
Schnoor Nover

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