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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January 19th, 2015

This is Béla! He was serenading us!!! 

Elder Kellog, haha I’ve never seen someone so excited 
to get a chocolate orange! We love him! 
This is when they all came to Győr for zone conference!

The SWEETEST package from the ward in Hill Spring! 
Thank you all soooo much! Wow, I was completely spoiled 
and made me feel so special and loved!

We found a new fav cereal and they had a big sale! haha 

John looking great for sixty right?! He benched 350 on his 60 birthday!!

Here is some from squash this morning, haha 
John forgot his other shirt and only had this huuuuuge sweater! 
He was so embarrased to go shirtless and said "I don’t want all those Mormon boys seeing my tattoos!"
We went out for steak with John! 

This week was so good! We stayed super busy, so it flew by again! We had a TON of miracles this week and just had the most amazing week! Sooooo many great things happened!!
We went out for steak with John and played squash with him this week. He is doing great, but still going really slow. We had a really tough program with him, he was just so so down right now and really frustrated and said he was waiting for a miracle. Next program, he was totally different!! He said that he prayed “Dear God, it’s John, I’m praying for peace and happiness, please give some piece of it to me. Amen.” and then opened up to a random place in the scriptures and started reading. It said that faith is something that we cannot see, but believe. I found it for him in Ether 12:6. He was so excited to see it again! Said he felt the feeling of peace he was asking for. Isn’t that so incredible?! He was waiting for a miracle and he got one! He also has a memorized prayer that he says morning and night, just two lines long. Well, he tried to say it before going out the door in the morning and said “Go with faith"... then said "what the?" It never starts like that, but I like it! I’ll keep it in there. Another amazing miracle!
Guess who showed up at church?! GÁBOR!! We were sooo excited to see him and he read 2 chapters out of the Book of Mormon! He said that he missed the way he felt with us and wanted to feel that way again, so he read and felt that special good happy feeling again! He recognized what it really was and asked to meet with us again this week! So happy!
Atilla is still doing great and after teaching him the restoration again he agreed to be baptized in March! He has been one of the most incredible people to teach, because of the changes that you can see in him. He was so hard and refused to pray before, didn’t think that God was there. Now he is just so much softer, he really opens up, has really sincere prayers and you can tell when he prays that he knows God is there and listening to him. 
We had a program with 2 Tamás's! It was our very first meeting with them so we walked into the branch house and the ward was doing yoga right in the entryway!! Anyways, we went right into the Restoration and gave them both a Book of Mormon. They were both pretty quiet, but really focusing on everything that we said. One of them asked to hear our hymns, haha I tried to laugh it off, but he was dead serious and wanted us to sing for him, so we grabbed one of the yoga girls that has a great voice and sang “Nearer my God to Thee” and “I Know that my Redeemer Lives.” He took a recording and set it to his phone ring tone. Asked if we could give him a CD and if he could buy a hymn book and if we could meet again! He is super religious and said that he could feel the Spirit when we sang and felt closer to Jézus Krisztus. Isnt that the most amazing?? 
I was just looking at our investigator list that we’re teaching and there are about 20 now! So so incredibly blessed to have met all of the people that we have! It’s not because of us, not in the slightest. It really is His work, I’m just so lucky to be a part of it! But it really isn’t because of us! I can tell ya right now! I know that Heavenly Father is using us. Sometimes I just think in lessons, when I am struggling to say something so bad in Hungarian, but I know that they need to hear it. I just think, why are these people three times my age, listening to 2 young kids who can barely speak Hungarian? It’s SO much more than us though, it’s the Spirit they are feeling and the message that we are sharing. 
Next week is Tuesday for transfers and emailing! Pray for me that I’ll accept whatever the call is alright? I just can’t think of leaving Győr, Have a great week!
Sister Schnoor

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