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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

January 5th, 2015

Hello!! I know it’s only been a few days, but sooo much has happened in the last few days!!
Ok, so we had a crazy crazy miracle 2 nights ago!
So we were on our way home and were passing out flyers and streeting, when this group stopped us. There was a younger couple and then an older guy with a young son. The older guy stopped me and asked if I spoke italian and what we were doing here (they all spoke Hungarian). We told them why we were in Hungary and how we were going home soon to eat, when he grabs my arm and starts towing me off down the street to his favorite restaurant! haha He was so so nice, but holding me so tight that I couldn't get away! haha Me and Sis. Whittaker are just awkwardly laughing while I'm trying to rip away! haha The younger couple was just laughing with us and apologizing for him! Well, we got all the way to the door of the restaurant, said our goodbyes and tried to go home, when the younger couple literally pushed us through the door and begged us to stay and eat with them. It was so crazy! For sure never been in that situation before! We were going home for our dinner hour anyways, so we just sat down and decided to stay!
Well, they turned out to be THE coolest people!!! Wow! They were all concert violinists and had amazing testimonies of God. We talked about God and our beliefs almost the whole time! At the end, we tried, but they paid for our food and gave us their address and phone number and said if were ever in Vienna to come stay at their house with our families! I was blown away with how nice they were. I had to ask them if they normally just grab two random people off of the street and take them out to dinner? They just started laughing and said that they have actually never done anything like that in their lives. He said that they weren’t even going to stay and eat, but he had the strongest feeling they needed to. He said that for some reason, they just had to stay and talk with us and get to know us! He said, "now I know why" and that he was so grateful for our meeting and cannot wait to meet again in the future. He said that it was like our spirits spoke to him and that he knew that we were “believers” when he saw us. Said we were glowing on the street and he had to find out what it was.
It was such an incredible experience! I still can’t believe what really happened that night! It was so unexpected and out of the blue, but really such a miracle!

Love you all!
Sisiter Schnoor


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