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Sunday, 4 January 2015

January 1st, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
So we froze this week! Being in a skirt all the time is just a little drafty! haha We gotta get some warmer tights this week! It is so so so much different here with the humidity! Gosh, goes right through my coat! I have GOT to get some fleece lined tights this week! Thank you for the brown ones you sent me! I have worn them almost every day this week! haha One day we went out streeting and I had on 4 pairs of tights and three skirts, but was still frooozen!
Ok so, we were doing some look ups and I stopped this nice Bacsi for directions. He looks at us and says “yes.” We were so shocked! I asked if he spoke English and he said “well ya, I’m from Canada eh!” aaaah! Canadians unite! We got way too excited when we found out we were both from Canada! He said that he used to meet with the sisters, but felt himself being led to it again, that he feels the gospel is missing from his life. He is about 60, super tall, big moustache and covered with tattoos! He is so incredibly nice and said that he has been having dreams of meeting us on this street for the past few months! Isn’t that amazing?! We’re setting up with him today and I am soooo excited to meet with him!
Everyone in my district bought ukuleles this week too, so that’s been our fun new addition and I’ve been teaching them how to play! Love this district here so much! Sad news too, we had a mini transfer and Elder Hancey finished his mission, and Elder Cannon is leaving to serve with Elder Oakes! So now its just us sisters, Elder Wilson, Bagley, Flake and Elder Olsen!
My Christmas was so amazing this year!! It was for sure different than any other Christmas, I wasn’t with my family, I had a tiny little tree with no decorations, I was in Hungary and I was a missionary!
Christmas day, we got up and opened all of our packages from home! Ok, wow! I was absolutely spoiled! Thank you so so sooo much! So many letters from friends too! I felt so loved! You spent so much time with all of the cute notes and letters with everything! You spent so much time working on it, thank you so so much! I loved all of the pictures I got of my family! I look at them all of the time! :)
After opening gifts, we then visited a 90 year old lady in our ward here. We used the money we got from our family and friends for Christmas and my birthday and bought presents for a family here with almost nothing. We bought them books, skip rope, bop it, games, cards, coloring books and some candy. They also have a daughter on a mission! We wrapped them all up and put the extra money in an envelope! We tried to be real sneaky and the Elders dropped it off on their doorstep and ran (got a super funny video) but the neighbors saw us and they sadly found out who it was!! She called us later and instantly started to cry when we answered the phone. She is so incredibly humble and was so grateful. Told us how little they had and how her three little kids have never had a Christmas like this one and probably never will again. She was crying and couldn’t say much, but it meant the world to us. I really experienced the “real meaning of Christmas” this year. Thank you for giving me that opportunity to give it to them. It made my whole Christmas and I had an amazing day!
Christmas Eve, we still didn’t have anywhere to Skype, but a miracle happened! We got a call from a member here who said that we could use his 2 computers! He wasn’t going to be home, but he will just give us the keys to his house! What?! That never happens in Hungary! We were so grateful and I can’t explain how great it was to see my fam! It had been 9 months, but when I saw them it felt like just a few weeks since I had talked to all of them. I met my little niece and nephew for the first time on Skype. I couldn’t help but just start crying, they were all such happy tears and I just already am completely in love with those little babies and can’t wait until I can cuddle them! I was able to talk to everyone in my family and my parents called my Grandparents and some of my closest friends that I was able to talk to on speaker! The time went way way too fast, but I loved every second of it! It was actually so hard to even try to explain to them what I’m experiencing here! I couldn’t put it into words, but I did the best I could!
We actually didn’t have a Christmas dinner, but I didn’t miss it and it was still one of the best Christmas’s for me that I will always remember! 
New Year was super fun too! There were booths set up all up and down the street selling wigs and masks, haha, actually super freaky walking down the street where everyone has a mask on! Then, people were setting off fireworks in the middle of the street! haha It was insane! I grabbed some pics of it! We were seriously watching out so we didn’t get hit! We went to the ward party for an hour and played Minute to Win It games, then just came home and went to bed! We thought we would wake up at midnight with all of the huge fireworks, but we both slept right through it! haha No midnight kisses for us this year! We celebrated this morning at 8:00 so it would be at the same time as everyone back at home!
So grateful that I could be here as a missionary this Christmas time. I’m actually just so sad that it is over. I have absolutely loved talking to people about our Savior, Jesus Christ and sharing the true meaning of Christmas. I know that this is exactly what I should be doing and this is where our Heavenly Father wants me to be right now. I am so lucky to be here! I’ve never experienced joy like this, the joy of seeing the change in people’s lives when they accept Jesus Christ and His Atonement. I’ve felt the love that our Savior has for me and for each of us. I am so lucky to be on a mission! To share the special message of Jesus Christ with the people of Hungary and to help them come closer to Him. I really couldn’t ask for a better present, than to be a full time missionary! When I think of all that He has done for me, this is such a short time and such a tiny sacrifice, a tiny way that I can give back part of the gift that was given to me! I love our Savior with all of my heart and I know that this is exactly where I should be and what I should be doing this Christmas!
Ok, I love you all so so much and hope that you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Be safe and know I’m still praying for you daily!
Boldog Karacsony!
Love, Sister Schnoor

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