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Sunday, 4 January 2015

December 22, 2014

Elders turn for Sunday dinner!
We put on the nativity for the ward and we were angels :) 
This is Goldy, such a sweetheart!  
Guess who came to Györ this week?!!!! FALKO!!!
 It was SO good to see him again! And I got to meet his sister Merle, too! 
We took them out to the Hajo and showed them around the city! I tried liver and a ton of different sausages for the first time with him. His sister is such a sweetheart too and it was so so great spending time with both of them! So happy it could all work out! :)


Boldog Karacsony!! (Merry Christmas!)
Can’t believe Christmas is in just a few days! Ah! Remember talking about this time a ton when I opened my call? Hard to believe that was a year ago!
Gábor agreed to be baptized this week! Jan. 18 :) We are so so sooo excited for him, he has a ways to go, but his bap date is coming up fast and we know that we can help him be ready.
Ibolya came to church again. Us missionaries sang “Come Thou Fount” in Sacrament meeting. When we were finished, Ibolya started clapping super loud. The guy sitting beside her pretty much tackled her off of her chair to make her stop and says “nem szabad! Tilos!” super loud while just holding her wrists together! haha We had two other investigators that joined right in the clapping with her and actually lots of people starting clapping! I couldn’t even look at Sister Whitaker after, or I would have burst out laughing again!
We went up to Budapest on Tuesday and I got all of your packages! Wow, I was sooo spoiled! You guys are the sweetest, I didn’t need anything for Christmas and would have been so happy! They are all sitting underneath our Christmas tree just waiting to be opened!
Love you all!
Sister Schnoor

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