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Mission Home Address

Hungary Mission Home Address

Sister Teagen Schnoor
Hungary Budapest Mission
Hajnóczy József Utca 14

Sunday, 6 April 2014

March 26, 2014

Teagen's cousins, Kennedy and Brittany picked her up from the airport in Salt Lake City 
the day before she went into the MTC. It was so fun for her to see 
these cousins again that she grew up with (and that spoiled her rotten!!) She loved 
being able to spend time with Skye, Brittany, Kennedy and Chance and their families! 
The best MTC drop off crew ever! March 19, 2014 

Her official Hungarian Missionary name badge!

His Excellency Gyorgy Szapary, Ambassador to the United States for Hungary, visited the MTC. 
As part of his visit, he was able to come to Teagen's classroom! He was very impressed with 
everything he saw at the MTC, but was especially impressed with all the missionaries there. 
He mentioned his MTC experience several times as he met with members of the First Presidency 
last week. How awesome is that? Her companion, Sister Williamson is on her left. 
The 2 Sisters behind her and 4 Elders in centre back are all part of her district.

Teagen with Uncle Duane and Aunt Inger from home!! She loved seeing them in the MTC 
for the week that they were there and always needed her daily hugs whenever she saw them. 
They are on their way to serve in the South Dakota, Rapid City Mission.

Her weekly schedule!! She's in classes learning Hungarian for an average of 11 hours a day! 
It's pretty intense for her right now but she knows she'll be glad for it when she gets to Hungary. 
Hopefully it will sound like the same language she's learning in the MTC haha!

A beautiful day outside! She's loving the sunshine and a change from the indoors. 
She says it's beautiful weather and has only had to wear a coat a few times!

It was awesome for her to see Elder Riley Sheen from Cardston on his way to the West Indies! 
Having fun posing for the "awkward missionary" photo 

The Cafeteria!

Provo, Utah Temple

With Sisters Whittaker and Hawks, 2 of her roommates!

The Elders in her district are Oaks, Cannon, Watson and Mellor. 
They are all super sweet and love to tease her about all things "Canadian!"

Teagen's Letter: March 26, 2014

Where do I even begin!? I have sooo much to tell you! I only have an hour to try to type it all... haha I'm typing as fast as I can!! I am a missionary now... so nuts!!! I am loving the MTC so far! I have made some of the best friendships already! The food was the best the first night here, and it's still pretty good, but nothing compared to Mom’s cooking though! Ok, so I guess I’ll start at the beginning... crazy that was already a week ago! I’ve been here a week today!!! Woooo!! Well, Chance, Britt, and Ken dropped me off and it was all just laughing and happy the whole time! haha it was great! I almost felt guilty because everyone around me was crying and saying goodbye to their families! They weren’t kidding about quick too, we had about 2 minutes tops! We would not have handled that well so I’m so glad we did it the way we did. I went right in and got my name tag and my room card and a swiper (its our room key that opens all the doors and has our allowance on it) then dropped off everything in my room. I went right to our class then and met our teachers... they didn’t say a word of English, haha just Hungarian!! It was brutal!! I just kept laughing! So in our zones there are Albanians, Fins, Hungarians, and Estonians. Some of the hardest languages to learn in the MTC! I met the Elders in our district first, there are only 8 of us total, and I love it! The Elders are Oaks, Cannon, Watson, and Mellor. They are all super sweet! OH! so my companion!!!! She is the best. Honestly, I love her and am so lucky to have her. Her name is Kori Sue Williamson. Then in our room there are 2 more Noverek (the 'k' in Hungarian is kinda like our S to make things plural. So Nover is Sister and Noverek is Sisters) I don’t know how to do accent signs on here either, but it looks cooler! haha anyway there is Aspen Hawks and Michaela Whitaker. They are also great! The language!!!! It’s brutal. Its so so hard right now!! The hardest thing I have ever tried to learn. I know the Lord knows how hard it is though and that he will help me through this. Oh funny moment of the day... I was trying to ask someone if I could talk to them about prayer. "konzervdoboz beszelunk imadkozunkrol" buuuuuut I used can as in "pop can".. not a question! hahaha so I told them that pop cans talk about prayer! so funny! My teacher just burst out laughing! I love my teachers! There is Elder Grossen and Baumont and Sister Hardy. They still haven’t said anything but Hungarian, which I know will help me in the long run, but a little frustrating at times! haha it’s all good though! The second full day of language class we were told we were going to teach an investigator, so we started translating some sentences to read to him, but right before we went in, they said we couldn’t use our notes! It was crazy! We could only say about 2 sentences! Oh well, it all worked out and I have finally learned enough words about the gospel to start making my own sentences. I can now pray and bare my testimony too! It was so cool to pray for the first time in Hungarian! I love the language, it’s beautiful. There are so many different sounds we don’t have though! We are in language class for 11 hours a day on average.. so yes, I have definitely begun to learn the language! JAYCIE IS HAVING A BOY!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! I am soooo excited!! I read that email quick and announced it to everyone in the room! haha They all say congrats and cheered! It got twisted around though, so one Elder asked who is having a boy and somehow it got turned into my Mom was having the boy! hahha Apparently I am coming home to a new baby brother as well! I cannot wait to hear what Emily has now!! I have slept a lot better these last few nights, you know the day or 2 before I left? We were just so emotionally drained that we felt physically drained? Well that is how I feel everyday so I am so excited for bed each night! Oh please tell everyone to use Dear Elder!! It’s free and I can get their letter that day!! It comes right to me! There was a letter waiting here from  Grandma Tolman! I loved it so much! The Elders mock me so bad for my Canadian talking haha like saying a scribbler and washroom then of course tag and bag and all! Just know that I am doing so great, that I am happy and loving missionary work already. I’m not saying it isn’t hard, but I’m saying I know it is worth it. I love you guys so so so much!!!! I have told everyone about my family! Tell me all about everyone! What is the real world like?? Have they found that plane yet? Keep me updated with all the little details, give everyone my love! I miss home. I miss the family and being able to talk to everyone, but missionary work is amazing. I have had my prayers answered so many times already and my testimony is so much stronger of the importance of this work. I can’t wait to talk to you on the phone in just 2 months! Oh, and we do leave May 19th. I hope everyone is doing great. The gospel is true! I love it. I love the spirit (szentlelek) down here and all of you!
Love you! 
Xoxoxo Sok Szeretettel, 
Schnoor Nover. <3 <3 <3

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