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Sunday, 6 July 2014

June 30, 2014

So I hit my 100th Day! 

Sister Butterfield’s paper chain countdown!
So I saw the little mailbox that reminded me of Erika Smith!
Ok, so yes, that is a thumb tack in my hand... (story in my letter!)

This is where we spend lots of time in buildings! 
The Csengő (doorbell)! We just ring each apartment and ask 
if they will let us in.
Don’t know if you can see, but that says Emil as the first name! Almost Emily!! 
It’s a boys name here... but still! Made me think of Emmy! 

This week was rainy for most of the week, but I love the rain! :) My feet were SOAKED everyday though! It’s still so warm when it rains here and with the humidity here, even if its raining or not you still feel like you just showered when you step outside! The good news is since it is cooler, most of the men wear more clothes!! haha So it was a great week! There has been some really cool thunderstorms this week as well. It was so neat to watch from the top of a ten story!
We taught a lot of lessons this week and tracted a ton! Embarassing story for this week. I was teaching about the restoration for the first time and said that Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon, then, trying to correct myself I said oh, I meant he knelt down the Book of Mormon! haha Oh Hungarian! So glad Sis. Butterfield is always there to help me out!
We taught János twice this week! He got a new pair of spandex short shorts. Meh. We taught him about the commandments. In the first lesson we were talking about church and the importance of the sacrament. He seemed really interested and then he looks up all surprised and said “Who found America?” Sister Butterfield answered, János nodded his head, then went along reading about the sacrament. haha Oh János! Next lesson, talking about other commandments, he turns to me and says “do you know how to play chess?” I said yes, he smiled, nodded his head all pleased and kept reading! haha he has really great questions about the gospel, but some of his other questions come out of nowhere! haha You never know what he is going to ask! Good news is that he hasn’t tried pulling off my eyelashes because he thinks they are fake in a long time! haha but he still isn’t convinced that my teeth are real!
One of our new investigators name is Gyula. Wow, he is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. He has awful legs though, it is so hard for him to walk. He let us in tracting and offered us some of his wine, then some beer, then some coffee and then some tea! haha He thought we were crazy to not drink any of them! We said yes to the fruit tea though. It took him so long to make it, but he wouldn’t let us off the couch! He was telling us all about how women need to be treated and how we need to expect it for ourselves. He had a glass in each hand and could barley move one foot in front of the other without the tea spilling, so it took him so long just to make it across the room. The tea was the best I’ve ever tasted, to see him like that just made me want to give him a huge hug! We brought him a Book of Mormon and he said he is excited to read it!
Teri started reading the Book of Mormon this week and István prayed for the first time, so that’s really exciting!! The language is still so tough, but I am picking out more words here and there! It is such a beautiful language, I just can’t wait to speak it! haha
Ok, so the funny tack story... there is a little table in between mine and Sister Butterfield’s bed. We were reorganizing our pictures on the board, so there were some tacks and pictures on the table. Well, I leaned over to show her a picture and put my hand down to “boost” myself back onto my bed, haha I hope that makes sense! Welllll, I felt it go into my hand, but my all my body weight was already on my hand. I knew what happened and I knew it was too late! haha I couldn’t look so I just held up my hand and said “Ummm… there’s a tack in my hand!” Sister Butterfield just screams! haha It was literally all the way in, the green was against my skin! haha I couldn’t stop laughing, but then I would look at it and freak out again. I couldn’t touch it so I just kept yelling “get it out, get it out! ah, there is a tack in my hand, right now! Get it out!!!' I couldn’t look either, so I just covered my eyes and waited for her to get it out! She tried 3 different times to grab it out, but it was all bent so it wouldn’t come out! haha We were crying laughing so hard! Well, we finally got it out and I have a nice little polka dot on my hand now!
Hello to all of the family!!! Awe, so fun everyone is home this weekend! I love Canada Day!! It will be a little different being the only Canadian here, haha oh well, I’ll be thinking of you guys at home!!
Wow, sounds like your week was crazy! You must be so tired! I remember how crazy hard you both worked in Brooks the last time, no doubt you worked just as hard this week! Those tables sound so darn cute too! Mom, there are the most adorable antique pieces in the houses here, they all say, oh that old thing, or that piece needs to be replaced! haha I always think of you and what you could do with it, I wish I could ship them all to you!!
Well, I love you all! xo I can’t think of anything else too exciting to add in this week, sorry this entry is boring!
Love Sister Schnoor xox

PS. I still wear my CTR ring every day and think of you and Dad whenever I see it! They wear their wedding rings on the right hand here, so it’s just like waitressing all over again! 

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