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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July 28, 2014

Transfer Day with my 2 new companions, Sister Sholly and Sister Jensen! We get along 
so good and they are so easy going! 
They are both from Utah and so so cute! So lucky to be with them!

Pioneer Party--Sister Abrok is setting up the bograsc 
in preparation for making guylas for the party.
Brother Balough is helping out. It's ready to eat!

Everyone moved outside to eat. It was delicious!

Sister Steel put on the pioneer party. (Píonír Bulí) She decorated it so dang cute 
and we had a great turn out! And yes, the missionaries 
wore bonnets and sang pioneer songs! haha

This is the Steels from St. George, Utah. They are amazing and have been serving in Debrecen 
for one year now!! I really feel like I have a Grampa and Grandma here away from home! 
They feed us dinner every Sunday here. I haven’t had a good homemade meal in forever! 
They are the sweetest, I love them both so much! They do so much here too! 
They help in missionary lessons all of the time too! 
They are such a huge help here in Debrecen, so so grateful for them!

Elevators in Hungary are super tiny--especially the ones in the 10-story communist buildings.  
Four people can barely squeeze in. Elder Steel with Elders Oaks and Whiting.

This is Dori and she’s getting ready to go on a mission. She is such a sweetheart. 
We actually skyped with her while I was in the MTC! She comes 
to lots of lessons with us and we go on splits 
with her all of the time, such a huge help to us!

Demí is one of the funniest guys I have ever met! haha He was just baptized last month.

Everyone calls us the Szent Háromság (Holy Threesome or Holy Trinity!)

Hello from Debrecen!!! :)
Wow, I can’t even start to tell you how great things are going!! I looove Debrecen! My new companions are so great too, Sister Sholly and Sister Jensen. Everyone calls us the Szent Háromság (holy threesome or Holy Trinity!) haha We get along so good and they are so easy going! They are both from Utah and so so cute! So lucky to be with them! The work here is crazy!!! It’s so great! We have taught so many lessons in the last few days! We were literally running from lesson to lesson! Not much time to tract or street, (completely different from Dunaújváros!) The people here are so nice too! They actually stop on the street! It completely took me off guard at the beginning! haha

We have done a lot of streeting but I really like it! It’s scary, I have little freakouts all the time, but I’m smiling on the outside! haha I met this guy who said he was “just walking.” I asked where from and he said “Estonia” like it was nothing! This guy was on day 67 walking from Estonia, on his way to Greece! Coolest guy!! There are so many people here, everyone has such a cool story! Another lesson fell through because he said his cat fell out the window.... he lives on the 8th floor!! The cat is ok though, broke its back 2 legs though. Me and Sister Sholly thought he said his child fell out the window and broke its back two legs! We were more than relieved to hear it was just a cat! haha Oh the joys of learning a new language!!

Ok, so I had a miracle happen this week! We were teaching English class when these two girls came in. They asked if the could just come to the Gospel discussion after English and not come to English.. that never happens! haha They are sooo cool! Mónika is black with white and black dreads, and her friend Renní, super cute blonde girl, both wearing tie dyed dresses, crosses, Mother Mary and prayer necklaces and bracelets. They handed these beautiful flowers to Sister Sholly and said “for Jesus”, super rendes! They said that a homeless man told them they should come... no missionaries had any idea who it could be! Whoever it was, thank you!!! We talked about prayer in the discussion, lots of people came. Mókina and Remí participated more than the missionaries! They have such a strong relationship with God, it’s amazing! We asked if they wanted to meet after and they said yes, right now! haha so we went into another room at the church and taught them the Restoration. I understood everything they said, it was amazing! I was able to say everything I wanted to too! It was a miracle!!! I have been praying for this for so long, I am being so blessed on my mission! We’re meeting with them again this week, they said that they have been to many other churches, but nothing felt right. She said “I felt something when I walked into this building. I don’t know exactly what it was yet, but it feels like what I’ve been searching for! Wow,  I know that the Holy Ghost is real and that through it, we can know what is true. Her friend said “I believe in the Bible, but I feel like it’s missing parts, maybe the Book of Mormon with have those missing pieces to complete it.” I was blown away! I have heard stories where people say things like this, but heard them more just as stories ya know? Well, it happened, it’s so real! The Gospel really is restored today and we have evidence of that, The Book of Mormon. I can’t wait to meet with them again!

In the pictures are Demi and Dórí. I love them both so much! Demí is one of the funniest guys I have ever met! haha Oh Demi!! He was baptized last month and has some serious ADHD! It is a huuuuge deal for him to stay for all of church! haha We had to keep giving him candy every few minutes, haha he kept jumping up and doing this fist pump thing, then jumping back in his seat, then looking all around the room like crazy, taking off his shoes, putting them back on, tying his tie around his neck, jumping up again, just everything! haha He kept saying “no! no! done now! 3 hour too hard, that enough for Demi, ok see you later!' hahaha I wish you could meet him! “No, too hard! Too hard! Not 3 hour, just 2 hour ok, ok? I jump out window now.” haha I had to whip out the tic tac toe in Sunday School for him, he was ready to bolt! I need to take a video to send you of him! Such a champ! 

Dori is the other, she is getting ready to go on a mission, she is such a sweetheart, we actually skyped in the MTC! She comes to lots of lessons with us and we go on splits with her all of the time, such a huge help to us!

The ward here is so strong too. I had so many people come up to me after sacrament meeting. Me and Sister Sholly bore our testimonies and introduced ourselves since we were new. They were all so sweet to us! Things are just going so amazing here! I could serve in Debrecen for the rest of my mission and be happy! Love it here so much!
Sorry it’s so long today! There is just so much going on! Things are so busy and crazy and so great!
xoxo Sister Schnoor

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