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Sunday, 20 July 2014

July 7, 2014

This little girl's name is Hajni :) She is the cutest and always 
runs and gives me a huge hug! 

Another bridge in Budapest!
This is a house we tracted when doing csaladi houses. (family houses) They all have doorbells on the gates, so you ring that and then if they come out you can talk with them! It's so pretty with all the vines growing.

Hey hey hey!!! Wow, another week already?? Whew! This week was so great! We went on splits, celebrated my first July 4, went up to Budapest, taught more lessons, and tracted a ton! The weeks always seem long, but before I know it, it’s Monday again and I’m already starting another week!
        This week tracting, it was a lot harder for me to focus on missionary work (I know, not good!) It’s just super easy for my mind to wander sometimes when we’re waiting at a door. Since summer has started, it’s been a lot harder to find people at home or to find a time that works to meet with them, so tracting has gotten a bit harder, but its still going great! One day we got 4 let ins! It was a miracle!! I practice teaching lessons to Sister Butterfield while we tract, and she corrects all of my Hungarian (which is a lot of mistakes! So it takes a while to get through just one lesson!) So I don’t feel like the time is wasted at all! She is so darn patient! I still feel like such a greenie and I have a million questions every day about the language! haha I feel just like Kirby from the “Best 2 Years!” I have a little notebook that I write down all of the things she corrects me on! haha I’m sure going to miss her in just 16 days! haha but whose counting right? :)  
         Ok, so next transfer, things are going to be a little crazy! There are ten sisters going home with Sis. Butterfield and 7 coming into the country. Wellllll, there aren’t enough trainers for even the new group coming in... not counting the 9 sisters that are in my MTC group! President says that we need to start preparing to be co-senior next transfer!! Aaaah!! That means me and someone I came out with from the MTC together!! I feel like if we were speaking English, it would still be tough, but we would work it out, but in Hungarian?? haha Wow, well, if that’s what the Lord wants for next transfer then I know he will be with us, helping us. haha I honestly don’t know how we would do it if he wasn’t! So a little worried for next transfer, but I’m excited, it will be sweet whatever happens!
          So we went up to Budapest on Thursday this week, stayed over night and came back Friday! I learned a ton! It was so neat streeting for the first time in Budapest! It wasn’t anything like Dunaújváros, there were people everywhere and I didn’t even see one ten story! I love Duna with all my heart, but I can’t wait to serve in a city like that later in my mission! We taught 2 lessons, one to an adorable 10 year old girl and another with a man named Atila. In the lesson, I was talking about Moroni 10:3-5, what it meant to have real intent. I told him how if we expect to receive an answer from our prayers, we must pray with faith, and real intent, which means willing to act on whatever the answer will be. I asked him if he would pray about what we had taught him, and when he receives an answer to act on it, whatever it might be, and he said yes he would! I asked him that if the answer he received was that it was true, would he act on that? He nodded real slow and said “yes I would.” It was such a neat experience!! I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again, but it is amazing how the spirit works. I love being a missionary and I’m so happy for him!
         Friday was July 4. We planned a lunch together with the Elders serving in Pest, it was so fun! We had hamburgers, (didn’t taste anything like American hamburgers) but they were good! It was my first Independance Day celebration! I missed Hill Spring's 5 minute long parade and the big picnic in Spring Glen, but... being a missionary is better! :) haha Oh, and in the morning we all went to the branch house for our work out, and I finally can do the splits again! haha We did splits on splits! Woo!
       On the way home on Friday, we took the metro to the train station. We only had two minutes before our train left, so we were literally running through the train station and had to manually open the train door. We thought we made it just in time when Sister Butterfield looks at me with huge eyes and says “wrong train!! Go GO Go! We gotta get off!” We got off just in time, and made it to the correct train just in time! haha It was crazy at the time, but so funny thinking back to it! The people on the train must have thought we were crazy people! Oh, speaking of crazy, a man on the train coming back was belting it at the top of his lungs, singing a song and would get up and dance a jig at every stop! haha I loved him!
       There is a group from Duna going to the temple this week. It’s amazing how much preparation they have to do for a temple trip. They have it planned months in advance. It is such a sacrifice for them to go and it is really expensive but they still go as often as they can though and they have such a desire to attend. It makes me appreciate the temple that we have so close to home! It’s only 30 minutes and I took it so for granted. I’m so grateful for how often I was able to go to the temple before my mission and in the MTC. I miss it and can’t wait to go when I’m home!
      This week I was proposed to twice haha and it was rainy, so not many construction workers out and more people wearing clothes! So it was a great week! :)
So good to hear from you! I love email days so much, they honestly do carry me through the week and get me so pumped and ready for the next one! Sounds like another crazy busy week for you! haha no surprise there though! So happy that all of the family could be together, those will always be my favorite times! I love Canada Day in little ole Hill Spring! I love our 5 minute parade! haha Dad I laughed so hard when you said how its red neck farmer territory, haha you are so right and I love it! I love the reaction I always get when I tell people about where I’m from. Most people are shocked and say they thought I was from California., haha not sure what that means?? Anyways, I would love to see some pictures from all of the happenings this weekend! July first is really one of my favorite days of the year!
I love you all so much!
Thanks for all of the letters and emails! I love them, please keep them coming! :)
xoxo Schnoor Nővér

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