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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

July 22, 2014

These are some of the buildings we pass on the way to church! :)
Our branch President and his family! 
Here is Flora, she is a doll! She is the one going to England on her mission! SO cool! 
This is Fati, and she is  just the sweetest! We teach her in Young Womens!      

One of our investigators and her Mom. 
hahaha Ok, I don’t know if you will find it as funny as I did, 
but I DIED laughing when I saw this pic of Sis. Butterfield!!! 
She is just a ghost!!!
The Kapolnasiék’s with their nieces. They have been members for 
20 years, almost the oldest members in Hungary, 
so a super solid family! They are so cool!

Hey family!! :)
Ok, so everyone, I’ll get right to it!!! I’m not staying in Duna! I thought I was staying for sure, so that was a huge surprise! I’m going to be serving in Debrecen with Sister Jensen and a new greenie!! So a trio!! I’m super stoked! I really don’t know anything about Sister Jensen, but I heard she is really sweet, and a greenie too! I am really excited! So that will be really fun!
Debrecen is one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary, so I can’t wait to send you home some pictures!!! :) I am so interested to see what we will be doing there. Maybe more tracting (that will be no prob for me) or maybe tabling, chalking, or streeting for the first time! Teaching lots of lessons, or just trying to find people to teach! haha and what is my comp like?? BOTH of them! There is just so much unknown right now! I’m sure you remember from your missions! I looove hearing about your missions! Anything at all, I would love to hear it!
I’ll be close to both Romania and Ukraine! Uh.. that is a little crazy. I still don’t feel like it’s hit me that I’m really even in Europe! When I really think about where I’ll be close to in Debrecen, my stomach does a little flip. Sometimes I feel like Hungary is just a different planet, or an island all by itself. I can’t explain it!
Oh and I just found out that Elder Oaks from my MTC district will be in the city with me!!! haha so that will be so fun!!! I’ll send you a pic of the mission map, that would make it a lot easier!
PS you say the C like TS, like in bats and cats. So it’s De. bre. tsen. Hope that makes sense?
I just really don’t actually feel like I’m leaving yet! It just seems like I’m serving my whole mission in Duna! I would feel so happy serving here the whole time! Everyone said how Duna is the pits, I have loved it!  It’s hard!! I really don’t want to leave all of the people here yet!! :( There are going to be a set of Elders replace us. Everyone was so surprised!! Almost all of the sisters are in trios now. I am so torn though, so excited for a new city, but I am so so so sad to leave Dunaújváros! Sister Butterfield said so many goodbyes this week, a lot of people were crying, so so sad! Everyone just said, well, at least we get to keep half of the angels here, or oh well, at least we’re only losing half of you... I didn’t even say any goodbyes, but you know how much I hate goodbyes, so looking back, I think it’s for the best that I didn’t! I’m going to call some people to say goodbye today though. Ah, I still don’t feel like I’m leaving Duna! I love the people here so much! I know that I’ll be meeting so many great new people in my next city and everyone after that, but just sad to think of leaving here.

This week real quick, we tracted a ton, (surprise surprise) and found some new investigators, and also met with János and Teri. I had no idea that when I met with them that would be the last time I would see them, sad! :( I hate goodbyes.
Sister Butterfield was super sick this week, so we stayed in the apartment all day. I got in some good studying and caught up on some letters and journal though. She is feeling completely better now! :) I finished the Book of Mormon again this week! I can’t believe it has already been a month since I started! With the time we have to study each day, it’s really easy to do! So grateful that I have the chance to do it! I want to for sure each week when I’m home too!

Bagozzi Nővér called me this morning! She is so funny! She is just so cute and short and is always so sweet to me! Every transfer they lock away all the mail so no one can get it until after, but she called and said that she had grabbed my package and has it waiting in her office for me! Awe, she is the sweetest! I didn’t even ask her to do it! I don’t remember if I told you, but awhile back, they both came and asked us how our lessons were going. At that time we were only tracting and they asked us where the closest ice cream place was and we had no idea! haha I think they felt bad for us, because we were stuck here with no programs and didn’t know where anything was, so they said “get in!” and then took us to get ice cream! Sooo nice of them! I really don’t see them very often, but when I do, it really does make me feel like I have a little bit of home here! I was really excited, because I thought I might get some mail tomorrow, but I guess they lock it every transfer! Thank goodness for Sister Bagozzi though! I would have melted! Rainy right now though, I looove the rain! Take it any day over the heat!

Ok, so this morning, 7:10, I get a knock on the door, I answer and it’s this blonde lady with her hands on her hips. Not a happy camper! Well she says “what are you doing in your bathroom?? I have water everywhere and it’s all your fault! What are you doing up here?!” haha Wellll, you know my language skills are not the bees knees, so I thought she was asking to use our bathroom... haha awkward. Well by this time, Sister Butterfield is poking her head around the corner and says that we’re not doing anything and we don’t know why there is water? haha The lady says “well, it’s your fault. Go back to America and ruin the bathrooms over there! I’m telling everyone in this building allll about you two American girls!' haha trying not to laugh at this point. Sis. Butterfield says that we can call the landlord and tell her about it? haha The lady just says it doesn’t matter now because she is going to tell everyone! “Go back to America!” then just pushes the elevator button all dramatic like... haha I just stood with the door open, watching her mutter until the elevator came. Then she jumped in and tried to slam the door, but it’s a spring loaded door, so she just ended up getting whip lash. haha I looooove Hungary! :) Oh and we haven’t had water all day now. haha Gotta love it here!

I would love to give you the recipes, but they pretty much don’t exist here! They all just use a pinch of that, a handful of that, some of this. They are amazing cooks over here, but no recipes to send home! This week we went over to Mercis and her Moms house for dinner, it was delicious! They live in a cute little falu (village) outside of Dunaújváros.

I loved reading your letters. So sad about Aunt Thelma, but you’re so so right, we know how much she will be missed on earth, but we also know that she is absolutely perfect now! Aren’t we so lucky to know that?? We will miss her, but we KNOW that we will see her again and that she is reunited with her family again. She always had such a sweet spirit and I’m sure her funeral service will be wonderful.

You sent me a package?! Aaaawe! Thaaaank you!!! I am so giddy just thinking about it! haha I hope it didn’t cost too much to send it! I can’t wait to get it! haha so funny about the letter too mom, haha love you so so much!

You’re always so sweet Mom and Dad, I just love you both so much! I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be able to talk to you about everything!! You’re a bigger strength and comfort to me on my mission than I think you will ever know. Thank you so much!

Ok, so I really don’t have much time today. With transfers things are crazyyy crazyyyy! I have a lot to do! I need to pack everything up, clean the apartment, teach English class, and visit some people to say goodbye! AH! SO much to do! I am so excited though, so sorry this letter is boring and short! haha I just have so much to do!
I love you so so sooo much and pray for you all everyday!
Thank you so much for your letters, your prayers and support always!
xoxo Sister Schnoor
xoxox All of my love forever!

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