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Sister Teagen Schnoor
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Sunday, 6 September 2015

September 1, 2015

Went to a members house and made paprikás krumpli with her! 
We bought the wrong kolbász though and it was soooo spicy!
She also put in spicy peppers when she thought they were sweet, haha
it was delicious, but we were all crying eating it and laughing together! 
Day in Buda with one of my best friends! :)

Hey :)
We had a crazy week, but it was really good! Started off on Tuesday with splits! Sister Sholly and Whittaker! It was soooo good talking with them and working with them again. They are for sure some of my closest friends and I really needed it! I love those two girls! We cried together when we talked about me going home. I’m going to miss them a ton! We had to go to Szeged then a train to Kecskemét, so we were up at about 4 in the morning! 
We met with a really cool guy named Frank, he speaks English and it was SO strange teaching in English, really had to think how to word it back into English again. He is very religious and had amazing questions, we planned something completely different, but ended up talking about the restoration, mostly the apostasy and the priesthood power again being restored on the earth. I haven’t met with someone who is so knowledgeable about the bible and the doctrine in so long, it was different, but so great going a little deeper and teaching him about all of it. He had such a sincere prayer at the end. Asking God to please help him know what is the truth and what is the path for him. Can’t wait to meet again!
Went to a members house and made paprikás krumpli with her! We bought the wrong kolbász though and it was soooo spicy! She also put in spicy peppers when she thought they were sweet, haha it was delicious, but we were all crying eating it and laughing together! 
Sunday night, we went to Budapest for new missionary training. We left at about 2:30, but there were so many problems with the train, that we were on the train for almost 8 hours! It was the hottest train I have ever been on on my mission. Most people had their shirts off and hanging out the windows! They brought us all water, but it was a looong trip!
We finally got off that train and onto a different one that was also going to Budapest. We got into the station at about 9:30. There I saw the saddest thing I have ever seen have in my life. The station was lined up as far as I could see with yoga mats, towels, clothes, etc., anything to make for a makeshift bed. There were hundreds of Syrian and Afghan refugees. It completely broke my heart. There were SO many mothers and tiny little kids with the biggest, cutest, brown eyes. It was hard to even walk through all of them to the metro station. I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing. It is a huge problem here in Hungary right now. They are coming to Hungary from all over the place! These people have the most heart breaking stories. They are leaving their countries to save their lives. They are trying to get into other European countries but are stuck here in Hungary needing paperwork etc. It’s terrible, look it up online and you can see all of the pictures and read more. I have never wanted to help some one so bad and at the same time, I have never felt so helpless and useless. PLEASE keep them in your prayers, they need them so desperately! 
Just talked to a member and I guess the main train station is shut down today with all of them at the station. We were really looked out for yesterday. It’s getting scary here! I’ve only seen things close to this in a movie or on the news, please pray for them. I was at Keleti (Pályaudvar) just yesterday right there where all the pics were taken. The pictures do not even do it justice. 
Love you so much!

Letter sent home from Teagen's Mission President this week!

Friday, 4 September 2015
Hungary Budapest Mission

Dear Parents of Missionaries, Ward and Stake Leaders,

As you may be aware, many individuals and families have been displaced as a result of war, evil, and deteriorating world conditions. Thousands of migrants and refugees attempting to travel to destinations in Western Europe have entered Hungary, resulting in serious travel disruption and scattered reports of unrest. 

The Area Presidency is currently exploring with Church Headquarters and partner organizations, the best ways and means to provide assistance to these refugees, many of whom are stranded at railway stations and along the borders of neighboring countries.
All of our missionaries are safe at the present time and doing the work of the Lord as usual. They have been counseled to avoid locations where unrest is possible. By the instruction of the Area Presidency, our missionaries are not to proselyte among refugees in government supported camps and to avoid crowds of migrants, especially where police are present. 
The mission office will continue to closely monitor developments and act accordingly to insure that all of our missionaries are as safe and kept out of harm's way. Government officials in Hungary are responding well to the immigrant situation and we expect the serious problems to be resolved soon.

Sok Szeretettel,
President Szabadkai

Dozens of families, mostly from Syria, rested underneath the 
Keleti train station in Budapest on Wednesday.
(NY Times photo)

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