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Sunday, 20 September 2015

September 14, 2015

We had a super good week! Things have really picked up here and we’re super busy!
We were tracting and met this younger guy. As soon as he saw us he said, “oh no!” and went to shut the door, said I don’t believe in God, only believe in myself. We asked him a few questions, if he knew the church, had any questions etc. He said yeah, only one. (he was still pretty upset) I don’t understand why on earth you foreigners learn the second hardest language in the world, leave your families and homes for 2 years and come to Hungary of all places, and try to talk to people like this?! Why here, where the people are so sad and depressed that they won’t listen anyway. What’s the point!?”
We told him that that was a really great question and that is exactly why we’re here to answer that. We would love to tell you right now! He softened so much and we had a really great talk for about half an hour. When we left, he said thank you over and over and how nice it was to meet us and talk to us. We met him on the street with his family the next night and had another great talk.
Last night, we were looking up some less active members with Sister Jensen. When we knocked on this ladies door, she did the same thing and said “oh no! I’ve asked you for years to not come back and I want my name removed. She went to slam the door. We were all praying SO hard, we didn’t know what to say, but we tried to follow the Spirit and Heavenly Father truly did fill our mouths and told us what to say. We were at the door for a long time and she completely changed into a different person as we talked and she let us in. We were there for close to 2 hours. She said she hasn’t talked to anyone that comes to her in the last five years. It was so amazing how the Spirit works to soften people’s hearts. She opened up and told us about her life and the problems that she has been though. She has had such a hard life and was really confused about a lot of our doctrine. We tried to clear a lot of that up. At the end, she agreed to come to church, but will need some time. She invited us back again for next week!!
Love you all!

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