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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

August 24th, 2015

Everyone is asking me how I’m feeling about coming home, but I honestly don’t know! I guess I’m still in the denial stage! It hits me every once in a while that my time is getting shorter, but Sis. Giullian is great to keep me focused and I feel like I still have a year or so out here! 
I was praying a lot to improve my Hungarian so the next day at church, I had to translate from English to Hungarian to the entire ward (SO much harder than Hungarian to English haha) and then I was told that I was teaching my gospel principles class to the entire ward for the next hour! haha so I had my prayers answered, but be careful what you pray for! 
Streeted a man this week and after I said my approach, he just slowly turned and began walking away, super slow. We needed to go the way he was going so possibly the most awkward rejection/streeting approach yet haha! 
Szent István day was this week, great festival and they gave for free the BEST lecsó I’ve ever tasted! mmmm SO dang good!! 
Our miracle for the week!
We had a great zone training on finding with faith this week. We were out tracting and we have really been trying to work a ton on finding with more faith and to be “fearless” at the door, no doubt of rejection. We said a prayer after about 20 doors and asked for a return apt. and to give out 2 BOM before we had to go in at 9. We knocked the next door and the néni told us, I don’t have time right now, but come back next Wed at 6:00! We were shocked! An amazing instant miracle... a few seconds later, her hubby came to the door and asked if we talked on the phone that day... turns out they were a less active couple who had moved! haha It wasn’t quite the return we were expecting, but still an answer to prayer! We tracted on and on and nothing, said another prayer and the coooolest lady answered! We talked to her for about 20 mins. and set up a return appt. I CAN’T wait to meet with her! It was so amazing, how right after our two prayers, they were the only 2 people to talk with us. Prayer works. I know that God is real and that He truly does listen and answer our prayers if we exercise faith in Him and trust Him. 
Love you!!!

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