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Monday, 24 August 2015

August 17th, 2015

She loves Star Wars so I made her a little Yoda!
 Her first hungarian bread! haha 
This nice priest took this blurry pic and was so proud of it! 
haha Said it was a great view of the cathedral behind!

So we have been doing a TON of finding lately. It’s been great, but I wish Sister Giullian had more opportunities to teach the lessons. We practice with each other a lot, but it’s not the same! This Sunday I set up with almost every member here to go visit them this week, so I’m excited to teach more lessons with her. Honestly, I’m really starting to miss teaching them too! We go streeting in the mornings and then a ton of tractings in the afternoons. We find that is when most people are home and that’s the biggest chance we have to find and teach families.
István is still doing great! He is already finding names to take to the temple. He is so so cool! There is a family history person here and I am SO stoked to meet with her! Hopefully sometime in the next week or two.
It’s been tougher with a ton of finding lately, but there are always miracles that happen everytime. They aren’t always big either. Last night we were on our third hour tracting. I don’t think I have ever had the door slammed so many times (there have been missionaries from other churches tracting here, so the people are really tired of missionaries already) then it started to pour. We were so happy after being so hot! We were pretty much drenched and only had a few more minutes until we had to go in for the night. There were only two more houses on the street. The first was a real nice lady who was the only one to listen to our message, just a short five minute message on eternal families. She told us how important her family is to her and loved it. We’re hopefully going to go back when she is back from her trip. The last house, we saw this cute little néni eating ice cream in the rain. She was so adorable! Not interested now, but just told us how great it was that we are here. Leaving our families, friends and homes and paying to be here for a year and a half. She told us to just keep going and that God is looking out for us and loves us.
Have a great week! Love you all!

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