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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

August 4th, 2015

 Best fruit soup I have ever tasted! 
One of my favorite streets in Hungary!


Well, we got transfer calls this morning and it’s nothing that I expected! I am going to be white washing Békéscsaba and I’m going to be training again! AH! Didn’t see either of those coming at all! I am nervous and I have a LOT of work to do there, but I’m so excited and it will for sure keep me busy and working up until the end of my mission. 
This last week was great, but went sooo fast! We had interviews, they were all in Hungarian and super good! 
György is doing so well, he ended our program with a prayer and prayed so sincerely that he could do the things that he needs to and that he could be baptized. We had a great program and he is progressing really really well. 
Ferenc, it was an amazing program with him!!! We started by talking about church and the special feelings that he had when he took of the sacrament and sang hymns. We explained how that special feeling was the Spirit. It is how our Father in Heaven communicates with us and tells us how something is right in our lives and when something is true. We watched the restoration film and asked him to focus on his feelings to see if he will feel the same. At the end of the film, we asked how he felt, he was crying. He was so choked up and couldn’t speak for several minutes. The spirit was there so so strong and I loved just sitting there in silence and letting it work on him. He finally said “beautiful.” Then said that the silence is good and we sat for a few more minutes. We both bore testimony to him of the restoration and how the feelings that he is feeling right now, is God telling him that it is true. He agreed and said that he knows that it is, he knows that it is all true. He then shook his head and said really sad, but why couldn’t I have known about this a few years ago? Why did I have to wait until now. We talked about our Heavenly Father and his timing and plan for us.
It’s programs like this that make it all worth it. All of the tracting and rejection and hard times. It makes up for it 100 times in the small moments like this. 
I know that this is my “dying transfer”. It still hasn’t hit me that it is yet. I don’t want it to hit me either! I still feel like I just got here and I still have a lot to do out here! I still have two months left and I am so excited to see what’s waiting for me! An Elder told me that I need to get ready, to know that the train is going to stop and that I need to get ready to jump off, buttttt I’m not ready yet, I’m just waiting for someone to push me off when I need to. I have NO idea where the last 17 months went. 
I love Tatabánya with all of my heart and it’s so hard to say goodbye to these people. They really have become my family out here and we have grown so much together. I know we will keep our relationships and talk still, but it’s going to be different and I’m going to miss them so much! I know that there will be new people waiting in Békéscsaba and I can’t wait to meet them! 
Have a great week! 
Love you! 
Schnoor Nővér

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