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Sister Teagen Schnoor
Hungary Budapest Mission
Hajnóczy József Utca 14

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

June 2nd, 2015

This is the path on the way to Edit’s. 
This picture right here, where Edit is waiting at the end of the road
to see us, is one of my new favorite places in Hungary!
Here is everyone in the branch in Tatabánya!! :)
8 of them are investigators and missionaries! haha were really small :) 

So I’m staying here and am now serving with my MTC companion, Sister Williamson! It’s so crazy, I thought I was leaving for sure! I’m so used to doing one and then dones! It’s going to be great! :) 
I’m serving with Redford and Jensen. Redford was Barbour’s companion in Székesfehérvár. 
Edit was baptized on Saturday! It was so incredible! She was the cutest, so nervous right before she was baptized! She said that she wants to be baptized more than anything, but was scared to do in it front of everyone. In the program when it was time for the baptism, she stopped and gave me a huge hug and kisses on the way and said, “I’m not nervous anymore!!” Gave me a huge smile and walked past! Her baptism went so smooth and she was so sweet after. Just hugged Elder Cannon and Lala saying thank you over and over again. 
When she was confirmed on Sunday, she just covered her face and started crying. Lala bent down and gave her a kiss on her forehead,  and she went around and gave all of them hugs again. We met afterwards and she was just glowing, she said how she can’t explain the amazing feelings that she felt. She said that she can’t express them in words, but the strongest and best feelings that she has ever felt. She has a HUGE list of friends and family that she wants us to go visit and that she has already been sharing the gospel with. She said that after the baptism all her friends were gathered around her, 12 in total and that they were all asking questions about the baptism, Book of Mormon and the Spirit. She said they were up for most of the night talking about it. She is an incredible missionary!
We had a miracle happen this week!!! 
So, after meeting with Edit, she planned for us to also meet with her friends, (the people that the older lady on the street introduced us to last week!) Well, they were so excited to see us and they grabbed the neighbor family as well. We sat on the kitchen chairs and the two families surrounded us sitting on the only couch and on the floor. Edit said “they are here to learn!” then looks at us beaming! Wow! It was intimidating for sure, it is SO rare to teach families here, but we had TWO sitting in the room, in a circle surrounding us, all wanting to hear about this amazing message that Edit has been talking about. Thank goodness, we weren’t alone. We prayed for the Spirit to be with us and then started telling them about their Father in Heaven who loves them so much.
They are SO prepared for the Gospel. They have two daughters and I have never seen such beautiful eyes in my life. I have to take a picture for you, HUGE and black long eye lashes. The Dad was kissing her cheek and asking her to listen to our message. I have never taught a family like this before. The Spirit was there so strong and Edit was an amazing member, bearing testimony and telling them how it’s affected her life. They had great questions and said they are all coming to church. I wish I could tell you all of the details. There really are miracles that we’re seeing everyday.
I am so incredibly lucky to be here. I can’t explain it. I always thought before my mission that if I could just get “the one baptism” then I would consider myself a successful missionary. I was so silly! I don’t feel any different as a missionary because I really feel like I didn’t do anything! It’s hard to explain, we taught her what we knew, the Spirit is definitely how she was converted. I have never felt the Spirit so strong and so constant and I never want to lose this feeling. Edit just makes me want to talk to every person I see on the street, tell them about the amazing life that they could be living. The Gospel is true. I know that with all of my heart. I told Edit how amazing she was, she just simply looked at me and said “well, it’s the truth girls. We have to let everyone know. It is Jesus Christ's truth.” 
She is so right. This is the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ that has been restored on the earth again. It is the fullness of His Gospel. I’m so thankful I was taught the gospel when I was so young. I have had the blessings of it my entire life!
DAH!!! I only have one more transfer call on my mission... it’s starting to hit me going into this last transfer how little time that I have left!
I love you so incredibly much! Have an amazing week!
Love, Sister Schnoor

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