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Hungary Mission Home Address

Sister Teagen Schnoor
Hungary Budapest Mission
Hajnóczy József Utca 14

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

June 22, 2015

Saying goodbye to President and Sister Smith!

One of the prettiest baszilikas in Hungary :) 

The path that Edit walks on every week to come to church! 
I still don’t know how she does it with how bad her legs are! 
This is even hard for me and sister Williamson to walk on!

hahahha! So this sweet néni was trying to take a picture 
of us and had the camera flipped the wrong way! 

Hello Family!!!
It’s been sooo hot! I have been melting! haha The humidity makes it soooo much hotter and you just can’t escape the heat, shade or not, the humidity really gets ya! I’m getting used to it though, I’m going to dry out like crazy when I come home!
Super good week! One of the highlights for sure was going to Budapest on Wednesday for zone conference. It was the last time seeing my mission president and his wife. So it was a real happy sad, but they gave great closing testimonies and there were SO many things said that I needed to hear!
Our training went alright... haha at least the first one, but we had to give one, then grab all of our things and run downstairs, straight to the front and do another one! It was crazy!! We did a demonstration with a balloon (taped to straw on a string and making it to the end aka baptism) in the first one, it worked really well, but in the second, we had half the time we thought we would have and when we set it off, the balloon fell off and just flew to the floor! haha It didn’t even make it to baptism, we didn’t have time to do it again though! We drew a little man on the balloon and Sis. Williamson grabbed it and wiped her face, so for the training she had black all over her nose and cheek! haha We rushed through it all, but I think it turned out alright! 
One thing that really hit me while we were giving our training was about promising blessings to our investigators. I take it for granted how amazing that really is! We’re speaking on behalf of our Father in Heaven! We’re not going to be the ones fulfilling those promises, God is. It’s an amazing blessing and responsibility we have! It’s just up to us, to follow and be in tune with the spirit and have the faith when promising blessings that Heavenly Father really will answer and bless them. 
We had someone stop us this week on the street asking us if we were Mormons in a Hungarian British accent (we are never stopped, so it was a huge surprise!) He told us that he has been watching all of the Hungarian videos on youtube about missionaries in Hungary and he couldn’t wait to meet us! It was so cool!!! He was only here for a few days, but it was so great talking to him more about our church! Another lady we went to said she had been reading a ton about us on the internet, (normally crazy questions follow) but she said that everything she read said how great us Mormons are!! How we’re good neighbors who don’t party, we’re nice and always ready to help and very family oriented. I was so proud of all of those “good mormons'’ who are just doing what we’re taught to do! Those who are truly living the Gospel. You may not have any idea of the impact you’re having on those around you, but thank you and just keep going!! 
It’s been harder to meet with people recently with school ending and the beginning of summer, but we’re trying to find some new investigators and things are still going great here! :)
Love you all! 

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