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Monday, 8 June 2015

June 8th, 2015

The big tub is full of fresh syrup Zita made! 
(the kind they mix with water to make juice!)

Hello again!!
I am so grateful to be staying here in Tatabánya! Going to church again this week and seeing all of these incredible people, I can tell you how much I love each one of them! So lucky and blessed to be here for another 8 weeks! Sister Williamson is great and it’s been so fun catching up on our missions and going back to the MTC times and how we had no idea what was coming for us! haha
Edit is still doing incredible! When we met with her, she said she was just overwhelmed, because she got so many new books to read from the church and didn’t know where or what to start with! She just opens a random book, reads a few pages, then grabs a new one and does the same thing. She said most of the time, she has no idea what they are talking about but she just keeps reading and said that she always has those same special feelings of the Spirit in her home after. She was grateful when we showed her which books to study from and how to use them with the scriptures! She was very serious and said she is also very worried. When we asked her why she said “well girls, I have this amazing feeling with me right now. I can feel Christ and Heavenly Father with me always. I felt it every time we met before I was baptized when you were here and whenever I read and prayed. Now, since I’ve received the Gift of the Holy Ghost, I have that feeling with me all of the time. I am just so scared of losing this feeling. I am doing everything that you told me to. I’m keeping every commandment I can find, but what else can I do?! What do I need to do to never lose this feeling?!”
Edit is incredible. She doesn’t stop sharing the gospel with everyone that she knows. I have learned so much from her about hope, love and faith.
Sadly, the families  couldn’t make it to church. There has been a really bad sickness going around that their children got, but hopefully next week! The husband of Marika (Béla) wasn’t there when we met. He was working, but Edit and their family told him all about what we said and showed him the Book of Mormon. He said he isn’t religious and won’t have anything to do with it. That night, Marika got home early and saw through the window that he was reading the Book of Mormon! She walked in and he hid it quick before she could see! She didn’t mention anything, but now she always purposely leaves the book out in the open and then leaves to give him his “secret reading time” that the whole family and missionaries know about!
We didn’t have much time with them, but we stopped for just a few minutes to see how they are all doing. They are all reading from the scriptures every day! :) They were so excited to show us what they had read and we can’t wait to go back out and see them on Thursday!
We met with Zita and Bérta again last week! She was so excited to tell us we were going on a girls date! She took us out for ice cream in Tata, such a sweetheart!
Love you all!
Schnoor Nover

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