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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

June 15th, 2015

After English class, a huge storm rolled in! We live about 15 minutes from the branch house and we got completely soaked!!! We were coming home for the night and it was so warm, I actually loved it!! 
My MTC comp! haha Isn’t she adorable?! 

ps... can you see the little speedo man standing on the island haha? 

Hello Family!!
Ok, so our week was good! We went to Budapest on Wednesday for our leadership meeting. It was crazy, because it’s President and Sister Smiths last one with us! Then the new mission president came in, President Szabadkai. He is amazing! Wow, he has the spirit with him so strong and you can just feel how much he loves us already. He is really nervous with the whole language barrier, but speaks English really well! I can’t wait to meet with him more! It’s a little scary though, because now, all of the trainings and meetings will be in Hungarian! Ah! He is leaving to the MTC soon and when he flies back, the second his feet touch the ground, he is the new mission president and President Smith is no longer president! Isn’t that crazy?! So a lot of big changes happening! 
This week will be a zone conference, so we’re getting our training ready and it will be hard, because it will most likely be the last time that I’m going to see some of the missionaries! 
We met with a guy named Gérgő this week, in his twenties and living in Tata. He told us how he loves learning about religions because that is a part of his life that he always has felt is missing. We told him about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and the restoration of Jesus Christ's gospel. We taught him about prayer and how he can know for himself if our church is true. He has never been a believer and never prayed. The spirit was there SO strong in our lesson and he said that he would pray that night. He said he was worried he wouldn’t have enough faith to get an answer, as he has never prayed and didn’t know if God was there. We shared with him Alma 32 about having a “desire to believe.” He said he has a desire more than anything to know. We told him how that is enough, and how he can turn his desire into belief.  Sorry, rambling again, but it was a great lesson and we can’t wait to meet with him again! 
Edit is still doing great, like always, but has been having the same pain in her leg and missed church for the first time yesterday! She said she read and prayed at home for a few hours to feel like she was there with us! 
Today we’re going to Esztergom with Zita and Bérta! They are sooo incredibly nice to us and offered to drive us and go together! I’m excited to show Sister Williamson, it’s beautiful! 

I got my flight itinerary!!! DAH! So I’m leaving Budapest on October 8th to Frankfurt Germany where I'll have a two hour lay over. Leaving Frankfurt at 11:00 and getting into Calgary at 3:30! It’s crazy it will only take “two hours!!” I’ll literally be flying back in time, so that’s going to be a loooong two hours! I’ll be all alone going from Germany to Canada, so that will be a little crazy too! Getting my flight plans, it’s really starting to hit me that it’s really coming and how little time I have left! I’m just trying so hard to make the most of my mission and doing my best to make what time’s left really count!!

Love you all!
Schnoor Nover

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