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Friday, 29 May 2015

May 26th, 2015

These big snails are everywhere after it rains!

We felt like little ants! haha 

Cute little flag I found in the very top of the dome! I was looking out 
at the amazing view, the pictures don’t even start to capture how 
stunning it was. I was telling the other missionaries how much I wish 
my family could be here to see this with me and looked down to see 
this little guy! It was a little piece of home a world away! Go Canada go! :) 


Across that river is Slovakia!! Crazy right?! 

At the Slovakian border! (haha I look like a dork, trying to point to 
the sign!) It wasn’t really the exact border, but they put the sign in the 
half way mark of the bridge. The Duna river separates the two countries. 

I have about half an apple stuffed in my cheeks for the pic,
so sorry for the chipmunk face! haha 
This is when we went to Bicske and Edit couldn’t meet
anymore! Ah! So we ended up waiting for
another 50 minutes, then came home! haha
Heeey!!! Another great week! We went out to Edit’s with the Elders for her interview and everything went great! :) Here in Tatabánya, most of the baptisms are done in the public pool. We called the Branch President to reserve it 2 weeks ago, but late on Friday night, we got a call and he said “there will not be a baptism on the 30th, they are cleaning the pool, so there won’t be any water in it!” AH! Our back up plan was to baptize her in a lake. (over half the members here have been baptized in lakes) We really didn’t want to do that with the open wound on her back, so our other options would be to go to Győr or Budapest. I called and got the amazing news that Janka is going to be baptized!! I don’t remember if I told you about her or not, but we got to be super good friends in Győr. She is going to the college there and speaks fluent English. She came into a program with the Elders and said there is going to be a baptism in May. They asked her who and she said, “me!” haha She is adorable! So we will be going to Győr this Saturday at five for Edit and Janka’s baptism!Wow, we have faced soooo much opposition with Edit’s baptism though. I heard that it was a nightmare in Hungary to try to arrange a baptism, but I didn’t think it would be this difficult. It has been a HUGE test of faith, trust in Heavenly Father, and patience. I have been praying and fasting so much for Edit and that things will all work out. she is so incredibly prepared and I couldn’t be more excited for her and the covenants that she is going to be making! Please keep praying. I can’t wait to email you next week and tell you everything! Dad, you are so right!! We meet with SO many people who tell us that they can’t say a prayer or they can’t come to church, because they aren’t worthy to. We explained the same thing you said to Zoli this past week. We told him about the sacrament and repentance. We told him that if the church was only for perfect people, no one would be to church! When someone feels “unworthy” to talk to our Heavenly Father, that is when He wants to talk to them most. He wants more than anything, to talk to His chilldren and to help them through their hard times. We pray to God and come to church for that very reason, because we’re not perfect but we’re trying to be. We’re trying to get closer. Another funny moment of the week! We brought the Elders to visit an older lady out of the area book and she was so happy to see Elder Cannon. (they had never met and she thought he was one the old elders who came to see her) He didn’t want to make her feel bad, so he played right along. In Hungary, they always have syrup that you mix with water for juice, well she brought out straight syrup and poured it in shot glasses for us. haha It was soooo strong and sweet! Made my jaw clench so bad! So I was already getting the giggles from watching everyone try to down this thick syrup when she starts getting upset at Elder Cannon and said, “Hey! I waited for you guys and you never came to see me! What happened? Why didn’t you come?!” haha he says “Oh, right! Ya, I’m so sorry about that! We wanted to, but we just got super busy. I’m sorry!” haha All of us missionaries were losing it! I couldn’t look at anyone, when she pours us round two of the thick syrup! haha
PS Next week are transfers. DAH! So emailing will be on Tuesday!I looooove you! 


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