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Sister Teagen Schnoor
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Sunday, 24 May 2015

May 18th, 2015

 Parliament still always takes my breath away!!

Beautiful Budapest!
This is going to the ladies house this morning! STUNNING right!?

This is Edit starting and signing the 15 step non smoking program!  

Well, I know I say that we had a busy week every week, but this week was for sure the busiest so far! 
We had 7 programs on Tuesday, went to Budapest on Wednesday to have interviews with President with programs before and after, Thursday we went to Mány to visit Edit, Friday we went to Győr and gave a training to the zone there, Saturday there was an “open house” here in Tatabánya, and Sunday after church we went out to a little town to see Zita. By the end of the week, we felt like zombies, but it was an amazing week! haha Just a little hard to keep our eyes open through all of it! There were many prayers said this week to just please give us the energy and it was a miracle and He always always answered our prayers and gave us energy and strength to keep going! Hopefully, this coming week will be a little less crazy, and we will have more time to work here in Tatabánya! 
Edit is doing sooo great! She still hasn’t heard from the hospital and after a lot of prayers, we decided to move up her baptismal date to May 30. This is taking a huuuge amount of her faith, as she still has an open wound on her back from surgery a few weeks ago. The doctor told her she couldn’t get it wet, not one drop. She said that we will find a way, Heavenly Father will help her to be baptized and will protect her. Edit is the most prepared person to be baptized that I have ever met on my mission. Her faith in our Savior Jesus Christ has strengthened mine and it has been so incredible to see her progress and I’ve been so lucky to be here to teach her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
János is also doing well. He has a job now and is looking for a place to rent in Tatabánya, so he can more easily come to church. He was so sweet and brought 1000 forint to our program this morning to pay his tithing. We explained to him that after his baptism in two weeks, we would be more than happy to help him fill out the form. It was a really humbling moment for me, as he has almost nothing, but still wanted to pay tithing. He has so much faith and trust in the Lord. He is still going strong and doing well :) 
Sister Schnoor 
Last week going to MLC in Buda, we started talking to an older lady and her daughter. We told her briefly about our church and why we came from so far away and learning this Hungarian language. We exchanged numbers at the end and she gave us the number of her daughter who lives in Tata. A few days ago, we called her daughter, she was SO incredibly nice and said that she was just thinking of us and that her mom told her all about us and she was considering calling us right at that minute to meet! Wow, we were blown away! We set up for Sunday and she said that she would come and pick us up and bring us to her house in a town outside of Tatabánya. After church, she came and was soooo nice. It was great to see her daughter Bérta again too who is 6 yrs old. She made us lunch and we had a great discussion. She asked right in asking what is our religion and how is it different from the rest? We explained what the Book of Mormon is to her and how it strengthens the family. She said that she would read it to Bérta and invited us back again. It was another miracle! It was for sure the Holy Ghost that prompted her to meet with us. Her job is she makes jam, pizza sauce, syrups, anything, you name it, natural with no preservatives and sells it at the Piac. She is so down to earth and accepting of what we taught her. I can’t wait to meet with her again! It has been so incredible, how many prepared people that we have met in this transfer. The Lord is preparing so many of His children to accept the Gospel! I am so lucky to be a missionary here in Hungary and be a small part of all this!
Love you all
Sister Schnoor

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