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Sister Teagen Schnoor
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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September 30, 2014

The Steel’s took us out for dinner the night of transfers! 
It was in a really old cellar and was so good!! 
Then we all went bowling our last night in good ol Debrecen!

My 2 new companions, Sister Cropper and Whitaker. 
Sister Whitaker and I were roommates in the MTC! 
All 3 of us came out at the same time.

They change the date every day with these flowers
 and the clock actually works!!! So cool right?!
Not thirty seconds after we walked through the door of our new apartment,
 I grabbed a door handle and it came right off in my hand!

We were so tired when we got here, Sis. Whitaker laid down 
on the bed and it broke! haha Our apt!!

We put our frozen pizza in the freezer and it came out with a layer of ice on it!

Sister Cropper made us dinner!

In our (communist) elevator!

We went tracting in the red and yellow building.

We went on a walk through the forest a little bit outside of the city,
 it was beautiful, so great to be out in the open again!

Hello from Székesfehérvár!! 
(Sake esh fe hair var! (I hope that helps!!)

Wow, it’s hard to believe I’m not in Debrecen anymore! I still feel like I’m just going on splits and that I’ll be heading back to Debrecen soon! Wow, I hate goodbyes! I said way too many this past week! I knew I loved those people, but I didn’t realize how much until I had to leave them. I didn’t think transfers would be emotional, but there were for sure tears saying a lot of goodbyes! Morning of transfers, I asked for a blessing from Elder Steel. It was so great and Sister Naegle wrote down a lot of things that were said. It’s been a huge help to go back and read it. After the blessing he gave me a huge hug and starting tearing up and said I’m sorry I hugged you... then pulled me in for another bear hug! Awe, I’m going to miss them all so much!

    Székesfehérvár is good! Honestly, it’s a lot prettier than I thought it would be! There are a lot of ten stories again, so it’s great for tracting! There are a ton of beautiful buildings here too! Since we're in a trio, we couldn’t fit in the old sisters apartment, so we switched with the Elders. It has a bit more closet space, but it’s so sketchy!! We’re on the eight floor of a big communist building and there are wires coming out of the walls everywhere! The kitchen light burnt out that night, so we have been opening the microwave so there is a little light! The worst part though is our bathroom stinks! Seriously smells like someone died in there! The toilet is in another room, so it’s not that, but it is soooo bad! Like first night we barracaded ourselves into our room with towels around the door, just trying to keep the smell out! We all didn’t shower for 2 days! We have this mold killer stuff that we spray down the drain and it works alright for a few hours, so we’re going to make it through! It's pretty old, but it's part of living in a ten story! Oh and Sister Cropper’s closet is just a hockey stick set on top of two cupboards! Soooo our new home is a little sketchy, but everything else is going great!

I’m serving with Sister Whitaker and Cropper! We are all co-seniors! It’s still really crazy to think about, but we’re doing good! Usually there’s a “junior” and a “senior” in a companionship. Pres. Smith told us that becoming co-senior this early in the mission is really rare but with the number of sisters going home and the number of sisters coming into the country not quite balancing, we are really needed to do this! We have each been out just 4 months in Hungary. It’s weird not being able to just look to my senior when I don’t understand something! We do a lot of charades, haha but we get by!
We also “opened” this city which means that sisters weren’t serving here before us. Usually when you get transferred, you just take over the current investigators but since there were none, we are starting everything brand new. There are only 2 Elders here besides us! It is a huge change going from running from lesson to lesson in Debrecen to just no one here yet. We just pick a building and go tracting all day, everyday!! We set up with a few people from the area book for this coming week, so hopefully things will pick up a bit! We have done a lot of streeting in this area too and it’s been pretty successful so far! We didn't get any let-ins but we did talk to some really sweet people. 
The ward here is great! Really strong members here, it makes the world of difference and it has been really great getting to know all of the new people here! Our bishop served his mission in London, so he speaks English and is really cool. We try to speak Hungarian, but it's just nice because he does speak English too. Our branch is really really nice though. We have a lot of kids in our ward, which is awesome. 

There were two baptisms this week, two little girls turning eight. They were baptized in a swimming pool! The water just about came up to their necks just standing, so it for sure wasn’t difficult to get them all under the water! I felt the Spirit really strong though and it was amazing to see my first weekend here! We met a lot of the members during that. After the baptism we all went outside and ate süti (dessert) that was on the trunk of a communist car. We met the cutest little girl, her name is Andi. She's nine years old and she is the cutest little girl ever! On Sunday she gave us each something special she had made! So sweet!
Well, I don’t think much else has happened these last few days. I’ll send more pics of the city this next email, but I love you so much and thanks again for all of your prayers!
Sister Schnoor

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