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Monday, 6 October 2014

October 6, 2014

We had a branch activity and some of the members talked about different countries. This is Attila, one of the Elders's investigators. He went to Mexico a few years ago and talked about his trip.

Hey hey hey!!!!
Good week! We worked for a ton of hours this week! It’s been slow, but finally starting to pick up a bit and it’s a huge help to have some programs to split up our tracting time! Went to a Zone Conference in Budapest this week and listened to General Conference! Such a great week!!!
We did a couple of book look ups this week. It’s always so interesting to me the different reasons that people stopped meeting with the missionaries! The first guy we looked up said that it’s because missionaries have too many rules, so he couldn’t get to be closer friends with them. Others because they are offended at something someone said to them. It’s so sad to me how they let the smallest things get in the way of being the best thing in their life!
We streeted a lot too! One older lady I stopped said, “oh, I’m sorry it’s just that I don’t have time because I just got off work.. ok well, to be honest, I just really need to go to the bathroom! haha Such a cutie and then she did the little bathroom run dance all down the street! haha
We were invited for dinner to a members house out in a little fallu, it was so nice of them! We thought it was only 20 mins, but ended up taking almost 50 mins! We told them what time we had to be back for a meeting and she said the only bus that would take us back in time left in 15 mins!! aaah! I felt so bad! She wanted us to eat before we left, it was so good, but we were eating as fast as we could! She showed us pictures of the chicken we were eating, how all of the kids were crying and kissing and hugging it! haha My comps lost their appetites! They put the whole chicken in their soups, just take off the feathers and in it goes! It’s really good, but when you see a foot in the pot you just pray they won’t put it in your bowl! haha The littlest girl got so excited and said Tojás tojás over and over! It means eggs! The mom handed her a piece from inside the chicken and she starting picking them off like candy! haha
Tracting this week in a 12 story an old man answers the door and demands to know why we interrupted when he can’t even understand us, told us the elevator works the same way going down as it did going up! He is calling the police to have us to go back to America and learn Hungarian! Then slams the door!
I love when Hungarians come to us with sayings they don’t understand from TV shows! haha This week it was from the Big Bang Theory “what does grab a napkin, you just got served mean?' hahaha
Well, I guess the library closes early today, I am out of time, but have a great week!!

PS I’m now in a super sketchy internet cafe and they are playing screamo music so loud! haha Anyways, I got kicked off the other computer and I couldn’t write you back! I am so sorry! I have no time now, but I’ll write you more next week!
Thank you for all of the prayers, sorry I wasn’t able to comment on anything going on!
Love you soooooo much!!
Sister Schnoor xoxoxo

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