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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

October 13, 2014

So Sister Cropper got really sick this week and couldn’t eat anything. She said the only thing that sounded good to her was snow... haha a little hard to find in Hungary when its almost 30 degrees outside! Thank goodness our freezer sucks! I cut off a side of the freezer ice and fed it to her! She said it tasted like lotion lol.

The cucumber, just another thing our fridge does to all of our food!

Ok, so Sister Whitaker made this nice hard boiled egg that rolled 
off the counter, onto the floor, and way behind the fridge! She had to stab 
it to get to it! So funny!

Pic of district! We made the Elders fajitas! :)

Hey hey hey!!
Ok, so last week, the library closed an hour earlier than we thought, so I couldn’t say most of what I wanted to!
This week went so fast! My companions both got sick, so we were out for two solid days, but we still got a lot of work done and tried to stay busy!
Tracted into a cute little lady that looked just like Edna Mode off of the Incredibles! haha seriously identice! Little black bob and HUGE glasses! haha I wanted to sneak a pic so bad to show you! So cute! We have done a ton of tracting, but we tried something a little different this week. I love “streeting” but we always stay in the main square, so we just wander down the busy city streets and talk to everyone we can! This city is so beautiful!! Wow, the buildings just blow me away! We found a beautiful Catholic church open and had a great talk with a lady there. Isn’t it so beautiful?!
So our land lady came over this week to do some “renovations” which we were stoked about, because our apartment really needs it! haha Wellllll she came over and took down a curtain in the kitchen and put a new cover on one of our lights that makes the room way darker and left... haha so much for renovations! Oh and the coo coo clock on the wall says made in USSR! I love this place!! Oh, and we’re getting a bug infestation, but its lady bugs! They are everywhere!! I’m not complaining though, I would have lady bugs over any other bug!
Last night, we were streeting and we walked past two guys speaking English! Sister Cropper leans way over and says “Hey! Do you speak English?” haha I love her! We started small talking when he saw my name tag and said “you’re talking to a member, I’m a Mormon!” Whaaaat?!? That hasn’t happened my whole mission!!! He is from Nigeria, one of the only members born into the church and actually served a mission in Guana! So so cool! We were already having a good day, but it just lifted our spirits so much! He was so sweet and just pumped us up so much!
Well, I think that’s about all for this week, sorry it’s boring today! Have a great week! Love you all so much!
Schnoor Nover xoxo

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