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Sister Teagen Schnoor
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

October 20, 2014

We went bowling this week and brought some members and 
investigators, it was so fun! 
 Haha That’s Sister Cropper laying down!

Our district on Elder Driggs' last Sunday in Székesfehérvár. 
Driggs is the second one to the left.

 Outside a Cathedral in Székesfehérvár! 

Packages ready to mail home! 

Hey hey hey!
Things are still going good in Székesfehérvár! We haven’t been tracting in like a week!! We go on the street and stop people, or one of my favorites is to go to parks and just sit by some random person on a bench. I just start talking and my accent is SO obvious that they always ask about it and then can’t believe it when I say I’m from Canada! I always have the opportunity to be able to explain what I’m doing so far from home to them. It’s been so awesome and we’ve had the best conversations with people that way! We’re still finding a ton, but just not tracting near as much and it’s been a lot more effective! We talk to waaay more people and have met some really neat new investigators this week! One guy is from the Hungarian army! He showed up to bowling and to English class and we’re meeting with him this week, he is so cool! He is huge!! Haha He also speaks great English too! I love it because he sounds just like Arnold Shwarzenegger when he talks (wow, no clue how to spell that!) haha So excited to see where things are going to go with him!This week was tough, because Elder Driggs went home. He needs surgery on his wrist (something that happened before his mission) He had a great attitude about it all, but I just feel so bad for him and what he is going through! We’re all really hopeful that he will be back soon, it could be a week, or not at all, so we’re keeping him in our prayers!I got the best news this week!!! So do you remember Erika?? The lady with the ice cream that i found in Debrecen? She is getting baptised in December!!!! Isn’t that so cool?! I am sooo happy for her! She said she wants her husband to join the church too and he is going to start meeting with the missionaries in Germany!I love the branch here! I have been trying sooo hard to get to know the members too. On Sunday, I made it my goal to talk to everyone in the building and I did it! I’m really wanting to have a good relationship with the ward while I’m here.Our apartment is still sketchy! This week our bathroom doorknob broke, so if you close the door, you can’t open it again! Welllll I got up to use the bathroom in the night and totally forgot! You know how claustrophobic I am, so I kinda freaked out! haha Sister Whitaker got me out with a butcher knife!So transfers are coming this Tuesday! They are normally each nine weeks, but this transfer is a “mini one” so it’s just six weeks. If I get transferred I will almost for sure stay there for the next nine weeks but nothing is for sure! Whether I stay here or get transferred, it’s where I will be for Halloween, my birthday, Christmas and New Years, so it’s a big one!It is still so hot here! I’m wearing a light skirt and a T-shirt almost every day! Longest word I know to date! Megszentségtelenithetetlenségeskedéseitekért
Well, I think that’s about it for this week!
Have a great week! I love you all!
xoxo Sister Schnoor

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