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Thursday, 11 September 2014

September 8, 2014

Typical Sister Steel and her amazing cooking!
Sister Sholly, Roberta & Dori

For our Friday night activity Elteka Abrok came and 
demonstrated stuffed peppers.  They were so good!
Golgotha flower (the hill that Christ was crucified on) 
Three for the cross and the five under that for his wounds. 
Isn’t it beautiful?? The guy said it’s one of the most rarest flowers in the world!
I got some great pics of Konrad throwing his smokes away!
haha isnt his stance so cute?

Ok, so on Tuesday, we were sooo sore from learning how to whip!! haha We were like a bunch of old Nénis all day! So worth it though! This week we went to Istváns house and he made us cowboy soup! It was sooo dang good!! He didn’t have a table, so me and Sister Naegle ate first, then Sister Sholly and Dori after. It was so hot, but we were burning our mouths trying to eat it as fast as we could! Because it was so hot that day, the last thing I wanted to eat was hot soup, but he had spend hours making it for us! Well, as I was struggling to finish my big bowl, Sister Naegle took one for the team and had another huge bowl! I thought I was going to pop when István takes both of our bowls and gives us another huge helping! I thought I would be sick! I tried telling him I was so full and just couldn’t, but he just looks at me and says that I’m too skinny, so I can eat all that I want! haha Oh István! We were doing what EJ had taught me and rocking and going in circles trying to find any more room! haha Honestly one of the biggest accomplishments yet, just finishing all of it!

We finally got Ben to church this week! Wooo! He agreed that if we go to his church, then he will come to ours! (I was thinking about your stories from your mission Mom!) So on Wednesday, we went to the Brotherhood community! It was great! Everyone was super nice! The ladies all wore big shawls covering their heads. I wish I could have understood more of what the preacher was saying, but I could barley understand anything! I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t, but then I finally realized that the Spirit wasn’t there and that’s why I couldn’t understand anything! After the sermon, the preacher announced that 3 missionaries were sitting on the back row. I was blushing so bad, but just smiling real big! After the service, we were totally swarmed!! All three preachers were surrounding us, 2 nénis and 2 other church members. The preacher asked us what the most important thing that we wanted to say was! We aren’t supposed to preach there, so we just thanked them for letting us come! haha We were welcomed back anytime!

Today is day 7 of Konrad being clean!!! Wooo! Last Sunday, we met with him and he told us that he had a smoke that morning at his sons and was really discouraged. We turned to the scriptures and had a great lesson with him. The next day, he said he had a great idea! He said that we could watch him throw away his smokes! haha Ya, Konrad, that’s a great idea, but why on earth do you still have smokes?! haha It’s part of the program to throw away all smokes, matches and lighters that night! haha I asked if we needed to go to his house and he says no, I have them with me!' “Konrad, you have smokes on you?!” “Yep, a whole box!” haha He pulls out his “sexy” lighter, matches and a box! haha Oh boy! I got some great pics of him throwing them away! haha Isn’t his stance so cute?

We’re meeting with this guy named Selemi. He knows his Bible like no tomorrow! He literally has a game plan written down in his notebook that he uses on us when we meet. The hard part is that lots of his verses are incorrectly translated and it’s really hard to explain that to him! He asked Sister Sholly to bare her testimony. She did such a great job, I really felt the Spirit. After, he just smiles and tells her to read Gal 1:8…awkward. He has questions about everything, and we could easily answer all of them, but it wouldn’t do any good. We can preach to people all day everyday, but it won’t do anything, unless they open their hearts and really pray about our message.

Love you all so much!
Sister Schnoor

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