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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

September 15, 2014

We went to the zoo today for Pday! It was so fun!
Zoos (Animal Garden in Hungarian!)

Awe, these little monkeys! 
So hard to not just reach out and shake his little hand!

This is Michael! haha love him!

We went to a little cukrázda for Sister Naegles :)

These are the “fire alarms” in the ten stories here! 

This week was a real good week, but it’s been hard to meet with people with school starting up this week! We worked so dang hard but 12 programs bailed! AH! That’s a new record for me! We rescheduled with all of them, but this week was a little tougher as far as numbers goes!
This week they also had the first ever European Women’s Conference! It was from Germany and was broadcast to 39 countries! Elder Bednar and Elder Ballard spoke and it was amazing!!! I learned so much and it was so interesting to hear what the Lord needed the women of Europe specifically to hear!
Chen came back from his trip, then Lehel came back from Germany and he is leaving for another month!! AH! So his baptismal date is now Oct 18. He is still doing amazing though! In Ether now and reading and praying every day!
Konrad is on day 13 of no smoking today!! I just got off the phone with him and he said that he was really tempted to buy some cigarettes, but he said he prayed and then read from the Book of Mormon and it completely went away!!
Transfers are coming up next week and I feel like I might be out of Debrecen, just because I love it too much here! I love the people so much and the Steels are so amazing, they really do feel like my Grandparents away from home! I know whatever happens it’s from the Lord and according to His plan for me. I just need to put my trust in that!
We went to the zoo today for Pday! It was so fun! Zoos (animal garden in Hungarian) here are so different though! haha Like the hippos, there was just one tiny metal bar keeping them in!! I could have reached out and touched it easily! It was a little scary being so close to all of the animals, but really cool to see them so close!! Well, I’m out of time this week, sorry it’s so short!
Love you so much!
xoxoxoxo Sister Schnoor

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