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Monday, 5 May 2014

April 23, 2014

Sister Williamson’s poor ankle! 
Ouch! That looks so sore!

This is Sister Julie Davidson from Aunt Amy’s ward and loves her! It was so random that we even met and found 
 that out! I told her I was from Alberta and she asked if I had any relatives from Edmonton.  I said yeah! Tyler Schnoor, she got so excited and said awe, Tyler is the sweetest!!! I looove their family and all of their cute boys!
Teagen’s district and the other Hungarian district!

Teagen told us that all these Easter parcels were for this Sister!

Love that smile! It’s always a happy day getting a parcel in the mail.

Look who found her! The Easter Bunny is real after all!

I have been running all over the place today!!! My poor companion thought there wasn’t another stair and fell down and her ankle instantly swelled up to a baseball size! She couldn’t move it without a lot of pain so I called the paramedics and long story short, we have been to get x-rays to the clinic and to the hospital today! Good news is it wasn’t broken and that it is just a really bad sprain and maybe a chipped bone. We were both terrified that she might have to go home so we are so so relieved! So I don’t have much time at all today, but that’s the scoop for today!!
I wish I could tell you everything from this week though!!!! It was amazing! Absolutely amazing week, for sure one of the best of my life as for spiritual goes. Ok, so for Easter, we had PRES. UCHTDORF!!!!!!!
It was amazing!!!!! It’s the first time a member of the First Presidency  has come and he was 3 feet away from me! I could have reached out and touched him, but there was an amazing spirit there that it didn’t feel right to. Yesterday for devotional..... Dallin H Oaks!!!!!!!
They both had such an amazing spirit when they came in. After Pres. Uchtdorf spoke he came through the crowd and gave handshakes to everyone in the aisle. You could just feel the entire spirit in the room change when he walked in. When he walked through all of the missionaries, the entire crowd was silent and everywhere he went everyone turned to him. I thought of how it will be when the Savior comes again and I know that it is going to be just like that. But instead of just a few of us having a moment with him, we are all going to have a 'personal moment' with our Savior and we are all going to hug him. It was the best Sunday I have ever had. I love home and it’s not that I don’t love our Easter egg hunts, but this was just on such a different level. This is the first year I actually focused on our Savior all day and week leading up to it.
I bore my testimony that week in our branch as well. It was really cool cuz our President said that we should only bear testimony of just Jesus Christ that week. There was an amazing spirit there. I can’t send pics this week, but I’ll send you a pic of my notes next week because I want you to know how great it was and what they talked about.
Me and my Tars are also the new sister training leaders for our zone! I am also senior companion, so a lot of new responsibilities. We are getting new missionaries today in our zone so very exciting, but I’m a little nervous as well! We will be over 18 sisters. We interview each week and then report to the Branch Pres. It will be great and I’m excited, but also a little worried because I won’t have much more time for studying the language and the gospel. All of my personal study time will now be spent with the sisters. I know that the Lord will help me though, and he will make up for the lost time. Who the Lord calls he qualifies right? haha so I’m going to hold him to it!
Thank you so much for sending me all of the addresses! AND THE EASTER PACKAGE!!!!!! I got it on Saturday! You are the sweeeetest!!!!!!!! I have so many pics to send home with Easter! AND that Mac makeup, thank you sooooo much!
So exciting about Jays baby shower!! Dear Elder me anything that I could do to help or somehow be a part of it!! I’ll send home a letter I wrote for her a few weeks ago, hopefully it’s there in time. I sent a letter home a long time ago, did you get it? I hope so!
Dad, you also couldn’t be more right about what you said about “real joy” being at the MTC. It has never been made more obvious! It’s so silly the things we think will make us happy in this life, it’s actually been so amazing to just take a break from it all! haha even if I am forced into it sometimes! haha Today when we went outside of campus it was so weird to me to be inside a van! haha if I’m already weirded out after just a month, I’m going to be the most awkward missionary ever when I’m home in 18 months!!
Dear Elder me any more names that I should write a letter too, anyone you think I should. I don’t know! haha just any I might not be thinking of!
Tell happy birthday to Lance for me!!!! And hello to Brad for me! That is soooo nuts that he is already home! What the what?! Where did the time go? I’m already hoping that mine doesn’t go that fast!! Don’t worry about not writing me on Sunday, we don’t actually get Dear Elders then anyway... "no Post on Sunday!" haha Please get my reference!
I loved loved loved seeing all of the pictures! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! JAYCIE IS HUUUUGE!!!!!!! (in a good way) haha my jaw dropped!!! Are you sure she isn’t having twins?! haha It sounds like you had a great weekend! I’m so happy for that!! And no doubt you made an amazing meal!!! You go with all the yard work too, that is a huuge job! You’re such a hard worker! I look up to you so much for that and thank you for giving me such a great example. I know I was a dork in the past and didn’t help you near as much as I should of, but just know that it doesn’t go unnoticed! I love you so so much Momma!! haha I laughed so hard at the poor lady bug cremation part and Dad with the horse/mule whisperer, haha who knew he had that hidden gift??
Tell hello to your Visiting Teachers for me! I love them so so much! I think about them whenever I see my red coat! haha and no surprise whatsoever that Janae found the golden egg again! We should just give it to her next year, instead of making her run around to pick it up!
Ok well, I’m out of time, sorry I couldn’t say more about everything. I loved the package so so much! It made me not miss home so much! I have enough candy to last the entire rest of the MYC too! Thank you so much! I love my family so so much! I think about you all the time!
xoxox Lanyad (your daughter)
Schnoor Nover

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