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Sister Teagen Schnoor
Hungary Budapest Mission
Hajnóczy József Utca 14

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

May 1, 2014

 Elder Skoien and Alex Lewis! Great little high school reunion!

This is Sister Bates! She is adorable and Teagen loves her so much. She left for Finland 
which made Teagen sad but happy for her at the same time! 

 Both Hungarian Sister districts.

 Time to say goodbye to the Finland missionaries!

 Elder Oaks from Teagen's district is the one laying down. We get a lot of emails about him always 
being crazy and making everyone laugh. We're so glad she has such a great district in the MTC!
 More Hungarian missionaries!

 Either she's a really tall Sister missionary or 
Teagen is really short! lol

 And another tall Sister missionary!

More Sisters! She's made some great friends in the MTC!

Teagen's letter May 1, 2014

So as for my week, remember before how I was so excited because we had 3 apostles in 2 weeks?... well make that 4! D.Todd Christofferson came on Tuesday!!!!! I had pretty amazing timing for being in the MTC if I do say so myself! haha He gave an amazing talk on the logo on a cheerio box, 'trusted'. It was all about how everyone has the Lord's love whether we deserve it or not, but he asked us who can the Lord trust? It was so so good! Maybe I can send you a pic of my notes, ugh just every talk or cool experience I just want you guys to be here listening and having the same experience as me! haha 
This week flew by!! I can’t believe I’m emailing again! I’m in Hungary in less than three weeks!!!! That is nutso! Now that it’s May, I feel so much more panicky! haha I’ll be in Hungary THIS month!!!!!
Oh so our district is still doing so great! We have gotten so close and the Elders feel like my brothers away from home! hahaha and Oaks Elder tried to slide down the rail on the stairs a few nights ago, but his shoulder hit something and he tried to stop himself and his feet flew out from under him and he did a complete penguin dive onto the floor with his papers and books flying everywhere!! hahaha if it was anyone else it would be sad, but just because it was him I was way too close to losing it!! All four of us were dying laughing for a good 10 mins. straight! haha I feel like with how stressful things are here you either laugh or you cry! Our district is a for sure a laughing one!
I’m trying to think what else happened this week! I feel like last week there was so much to tell you and this one is just normal! haha so crazy that what I do now I consider 'normal'! haha I am still just loving the MTC though! And yes I’m still having salads everyday... they are actually really good though!! They change them up a lot so I don’t mind at all! My jeans are fitting tighter today..... haha time to cut back a bit especially before Hungary!! ah I still can’t believe how soon it is coming!!!! We will get our travel plans next week!!! Isn’t that so so crazy!?
My companion is doing so much better! She actually doesn’t have to even wear her boot anymore, just an ankle brace so that is super exciting!!! She just has a really pretty bruise to show for it! haha 
We went to the Temple again this morning. I absolutely love going once a week! When we were finished with the session we were walking back to the change room and I walked past a few of the sealing rooms. I stopped by one and looked in the doorway, the sealing rooms here are stunning. All gold and cream. I was just looking at the altar and thought of Jaycie kneeling there with Lance. I had the warmest feeling in my heart. I couldn’t help but tear up, I wish I could be there so bad when they go to the Temple, but I don’t care that I’m really there, I am just so happy and proud of them for going. I love them so much! It’s the best thing I could wish for them is to be sealed in the Temple. Now with a new little baby boy as well. It was such a neat experience, I walked in just to look at the mirrors. I know that families are forever, I can’t think of any greater motivation or blessing that God could give to me than to live with our family forever! I love you all so so much!
How was your week? How are you feeling?? Dad gave me the update how you were doing, so sorry you were so sick! That is the worst! :( sooo glad your feeling better!!! I’ve been worried and praying for you! Dad told me he gave you a blessing, he is amazing!  Thanks for the pictures too! Sooooo sweet to finally see Emily’s baby bump! and Jaycie is about to pop!!!!!!!! I already know that is going to be one of the hardest parts of my mission when the babies comes into the family, but I am for sure going to make up for all of the time lost when I come home! I also expect you to send me every picture you take of them!
I want to write everyone back, but it has been so much harder with now even less time that I have, oh well, hopefully soon! I got an 8 page double sided letter from Grandma and just 2 days ago, I got Don’s letter! Tell them thank you soooo much. I also got the ward's letter! I looooved it! Seeing Robson and Dad and Brayden’s and your handwriting made me tear up a bit! Not tears!! haha just had to blink alot! 
Emmy! I want to be there feeling that baby kick! That is sooo exciting though! I got your pic too! .. and you can finally see your baby bump!!! It isn’t just a little bump either!!!!! I can’t wait to see it when your 8/9 months preggers! 
I can’t wait for next Thursday to talk to you!! I’m so sorry we couldn’t talk more this week! Next time for sure though! Thank you for all of the encouragement, you have no idea how much it helps!!! Thank Dad for his Dear Elders too! I love getting them even if it’s just a sentence or 2 to say hello! How is everyone else doing? Ok, I love you so so much!!! Stay safe, stay strong, and know how much I love you!!!
xoxoxoox Can’t wait till next week! 
Excited for Hungary, but that I also can call you in just a few weeks!!!
Schnoor Nover

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