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Thursday, 22 May 2014

May 8, 2014

JAY IS IN UTAH?!?!  Oh my goodness, I want to see her soooo bad!!! 
and guess what?..................................... I AM CALLING HOME FOR MOTHERS DAY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Just half an hour, 3:45-4:15 on Sunday! EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!  Ok, I'm off to the Temple now. I love you I love you I love you!!!!

I JUST SAW JAY!!!!!! :D :D :D :D Oh my! I just cried and laughed and cried some more!! haha I looooved it so much though! She was waiting outside of the Temple for me!!
So this week is called "consecration week." For this week, we just speak Hungarian... not one word of English! Yikes! So we planned to start it right after the Temple. We’re also all choosing one thing to give up or do something more to make this week more special. I chose to give up some of the time that I normally spend writing letters to write in my miracle journal! I am going to write a miracle a day this week! So anyways, I went to the Temple right after I emailed you this morning and I was just thinking how this week is consecration week and how I need to be exactly obedient so the Lord can help me though it. Well, I decided that I shouldn't see Jaycie today. I was so sad just thinking of not seeing her, but I thought that is what would be best and that I need to keep every mission rule. Welllll… when I walked out of the Temple, I heard "Teagen!!!!" It was Jaycie!!!!!! I ran to her in a skirt and may have flashed the poor people walking past! haha It was sooooo great seeing her!!!!!!! Her belly!!! I couldnt believe how big she is! I just cried and laughed and cried and laughed some more! haha I also felt so weird hugging Lance! haha I havent had any contact other than a handshake for almost 2 months now! It was so so great to see them! I feel like that was just Heavenly Fathers little test for me to see if I would really be obedient... then once I made the right choice He let me see her! It was just so sweet!!

Ok, so just a warning in advance... I normally write down points that I want to say that happened in the week and I brought the wrong bag so I don't even know what to say! I don't remember anything that happened this week! I also didn't have the Dear Elders you sent me (other bag) so I also don't have anything to comment on! So I'm sorry in advance for this email! Anyways! How are you?!?
Ok, I'm remembering some things you told me now! That is nuts about the snow storm!!! It's just sunny and nice here! I'm sorry you’re alone again, but I know how much Don secretly loves it when Dad leaves so that you stay with him! haha I love Don so much!!! Hopefully the roads are better for him this time with traffic, he told me about last time! That is craaaaazy!!!!  Haha, you've figured out his plan Mom! He is just trying to fatten you up and how can we say no when he is so happy and pleased to give us junk food?
Yes I got the pictures! Thank you again for sending them! I love love love getting pictures!!! The baby shower looks adorable!!!! Wow! The girls did an AMAZING job! haha they always do! And those cake pops, baby fruit basket and blanket! Oh my! 
We will get our flight plans later today which is so so so exciting!!!!!!! So on Mothers Day when I call home I will know all of the flight details to tell you! EEEEEKK!!! I am soooooo excited to call home and to hear you voices!! It's just for 30 mins, but I'll be calling again in just a week after that, so it will be no problem at all!!! Oh that's another question for you or Dad… my phone cards? Are they all set to go and I just swipe them or punch in the number or do I need to call and activate it first? I just don't want there to be any problems to take away from calling time at the airport! This Sunday I will just be on an MTC computer calling you, so no problem! I wish it was Skype, but I don't care as long as I can talk to you!!!  
Well to answer your question, Anya = Mother, Anyuka = Mom, Anyam = my Mother,  Anyukam = my Mom. You possess things by conjugating. Anyad = your Mother,  Anyukad= your Mom. Oh and there are waaaaay more variations! haha There are conjugating charts that have 6 different endings to memorize (i, we, you, you all, he, she, it, they)... there are 33 charts to memorize with a different 6 on all of them! And thats just for conjugating!!   
The language is still so hard! Ugh!! I thought it would be easier by now! Well we can at least all communicate with each other, but we really only know the gospel vocab right now! We can't really talk about much else! Honestly, I'm worried! I just really hope that they can understand me or that I can understand them! The teacher in the other district said that she couldn't understand anyone for the first 5 months... but I only have 16 months! I can't waste five! She said a few months after that they could finally start understanding her! The other teacher said that just as the plane was touching down in Hungary she picked out a Hungarian word that a person said and she realized that they had been speaking Hungarian the whole flight and she didn't even know! haha So, I'm actually really nervous, but I really have been studying and trying my hardest! Hopefully Heavenly Father will make up for the rest and when He really needs me to talk to someone He will make it possible! JUST 11 DAYS!! It's coming so so soon! 
Mom, I loved the poem you sent me so much too!! Can you send that to me again at the end of my mission? I know that's forever away, but I'll prob forget about it by then! I know its already almost 2 months! What the what?! I know the rest of the time is going to go even faster once I'm in Hungary too!! Ugh! I want it to go fast because that means I can see you again, but I don't want to waste a second! 
Ok, so we have now had 6 apostles.... ELDER HOLLAND!!!!!!! My friend!! I was so so so excited to hear him speak again!!! I sat just 4 rows back, it was amazing!! He spoke on the missionary purpose! After, we waited on the sidewalk and when he drove by he rolled down his window, blew a kiss and said "I love you all! Work hard!" then zoomed away! haha I have been spoiled with who I have been able to hear! This has never happened before! They say that if you hear just one apostle you are so so lucky! I have had 6!!! That's nuts!! 
I did check with the health unit and they said that I don't need the other Hep A until I am home so I guess that's alright! haha I was worried too, I didn't want anything to stop me from leaving with everyone else!!! Ok, so I don't think we get Dear Elder letters on Saturday anymore, they just come on Monday instead, but Dear Elder me anything you have questions or things you want me to find out before Sunday ok?? I'm calling so so soon!!! EEEEKKK!!! So 3:45!!! 
Ok, well I have about 2 mins left! It isn't sad today though!!! I can call you in just a few days!!! EEEK!!
Love you all so so much!

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