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Thursday, 22 May 2014

May 15, 2014

Today has been so so crazy! I have just so much to do before I leave in just a few days and today is the only day I can do it all! It's all just errands, run here to drop off my shoes, pick up dry cleaning, go to the book store to buy little things I need for the trip, pick up my shoes, gotta eat in there! Then I gotta some how pack! haha I just may arrive in Hungary a little mental.. nem bi! (thats no problem!)
Ok, so here's my week really fast! This week flew by! I was right, every week went faster and faster and this last week felt like a day! It has been a happy/sad week for me. We taught all of our last lessons with our investigators and had our very last normal day at the MTC. I can't believe I have been here for 2 months! Today we went to the Temple for the very last time for 1 1/2 years. That was so much harder than I thought it would be. We sat in the celestial room for almost an hour after. I felt like I just had to soak up that amazing feeling all that I could to last me the next 16 months!
Oh my! I loved Brooke's letter!!! Me and my roomies all just love her and her stories! I have honestly not had an extra minute to read it again, so it was just fast at dinner, but we were all loving it!!! I need to start a little quote book just for her! Ah! I still have so much to do today and I only have 2 hours left before we teach at TRC and we don't have a lesson ready yet! haha oh boy! This day! 
Oh, and tell me in Dear Elder tomorrow what Dad and you think would be better for me to do so I'm not so jetlagged when I get to Hungary! So should I just try to sleep and be awake on the plane according to Hungary time or should I just try to sleep as much as I can on the plane and then just stay awake until night time in Hungary? haha I have no clue! AAAHH!!! I'm going to be in Europe in just a few days!! How crazy is that?! I'm a little nervous for the 10 hour flight.. but I am so so excited!
Oh and some questions before I forget to ask you/ tell you things! I had no idea about Brother Wynder making my mission plaque!! That is just so so sweet! How did that all come about? That just melts my heart about him and makes me want to cry!!
Oh and more random things I'm just remembering!! All of the Ukraine missionaries in the MTC just got reassigned to Peru!! Nuts hey?! So they were here for 5 weeks learning Russian, and now they are over at West campus for another 6 weeks learning Spanish now!!! 
Tomorrow before 11 is the very last day for Dear Elders so make sure all the fam knows! I don't want to miss a letter! So from here on, it's just the Hungary address now! Oh, and can you please send me everyones cell numbers for the airport? it sounds like I will have about 3 hours, so I would love to call any family I can! Maybe even Grandparents for just a few minutes?  
Tell Kendra a huge congrats from me! I would love to see her invite too!  
I don't know if I'll be able to check my blog in Hungary, but I'm not worried in the slightest! Hopefully keeping up with it doesn't take much time for you! 
Oh and....Elder Perry came on Tuesday!!!! It was amazing!!! He is looking really good too! He is 92... I had no idea! He gave an amazing talk all of the strength of companionships. I sat 2nd row. I have been so incredibly lucky to hear all of them! All of the Branch Presidents and everyone are amazed too! They said that missionaries are so lucky if the hear from one apostle.. I have heard from so many in my time here!! I guess it was just a really great time of year because it is kind of a down time in their schedules.
HAHHAHHAHA I just read your letter Jay!!! hahaha I am laughing so hard and everyone is looking at me wondering what is going on!I Can't believe I'm coming home to 2 babes (and please maybe more?!!!) AH!!! That was the weirdest thing to see you Jaycie with a pregger belly! Like you had one before I left.. but no where close to that size!! haha I cannot wait to see the babies!!!!!!!! I expect SO many pictures! And not just online ok? Like they are great to see, but I can only see them once a week when I email! PLEASE send me printed off pics in the mail! I want to look at them whenever I can! Oh my! I cannot believe how soon they are coming either!!! 
Oh and did you happen to find anything out about the purple envelopes?? I hope they are real!! I would loooove to send everything home! And again, do NOT send me a package!! I promise I don't want them! I can get everything I need in Hungary! I would so much rather just get things from there anyways with the time I will be there! I promise I'll buy things and send pics home of what I bought too! 
Haha, Well, I'll only have Hungarians to compare myself to, so the bar is set pretty high!!  Aaaaah!!! Remember the Best 2 Years? "Elder, that wasn't the language they taught me in the MTC?'... hahaha That's seriously going to be me!!! 
You're so right though! The language really is important, but what is so much more important is learning the language of the Spirit. As long as I'm in tune with that and even if I can't speak anything but a sentence or 2 when the Lord needs me to, then I don't care. That is all that I could want is that when He needs me, I will be there. I can't believe I'll soon be talking to real people! Ah! I have the worst "in trouble" butterflies ever!!! No one in my district understands what I mean when I say that! haha Oh and my teachers also said that they all went at least 3 months at a time without anyone to teach... that would be so hard! They said they would street all day, but no one wanted to hear. 
Awe thanks so much family!! I love you so so much too! I cannot wait to talk to you in just a few days!!!! I feel like I should be even more nervous, but I feel like I'm not actually leaving the MTC. haha I feel like I'm serving my mission here which is fine with me! haha Thank you for putting my name on the prayer roll too. I know how much help everyones prayers are to me. Please keep them coming! 
Oh ps.. I have the best image in my mind of Dad fighting and wrapping himself in that plastic wrap!!! haha The redneck genius is at it again!
Well I wish this week was more exciting! haha I feel like nothing happened to tell you! Sorry! Next week will be the exact opposite though!! AH! I will have soooo much to tell you! Just this time next week, I'll know who my trainer is, where my area is, what the food is like, if I can understand anyone, if anyone can understand me haha.. just everything!!! 
It's going to be so hard being across the world from my family.
I love you all so so much! Can't wait to talk to you in just a few days!!! xoxoxo 
Sok Szeretetel

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