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Sister Teagen Schnoor
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

November 25th, 2014

Well, we got transfer calls this morning.....and I’m going to Győr! Everyone has amazing things to say about the new city and I’m stoked!
It’s in Northwest Hungary and halfway between Budapest and Vienna!
The Gy in Győr is the hardest sound for me to say lol, so it will be good practice living there! This will be my fourth city in four transfers! I’m going senior and opening up the city for sisters, so I’m a little nervous, but really excited! I’m going with ANOTHER sister named Whittaker! haha This time spelled with two t’s! She is an absolute sweetheart and I’m super excited to be serving with her!
Our week was really good, we had a lot of really neat experiences! I had a guy call me last time I was emailing and asked if we could meet to share the Finding Happiness DVD. We met with him, taught him the entire restoration, explained the Book of Mormon, shared Moroni’s promised and taught him all about prophets. He was pretty quiet, but he said it all makes sense and it “feels right.” I was a little worried after, as that was a TON of information to take in and I didn’t want it to be too much, but he thanked us, and he came to church that week!! I was so happy to see him there! It was such a great church meeting too! Talked about love, faith, repentance and forgiveness, it was so great! He had great questions at the end and we met with him again yesterday! We taught him about the plan of salvation and at the end he agreed to pray to receive an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. I am so excited for him and know he will get his answer, if he prays in faith.
It’s for sure one of the hardest parts of my mission is leaving all of the people that I love so much here! It’s just so hard leaving all of our investigators that I’ve gotten so close with.
Missionary work is hard, but I can do it and I love it, but saying goodbye to all of these people that I’ve come to love so much and honestly not knowing if I will ever see them again, is breaking my heart!
I love Székesfehérvár so much! I know that Heavenly Father needs me in the next area, and that there are other people waiting for me, but it’s still so hard to say goodbye! I know that it’s according to God's plan and that I’m going to have an amazing experience in the next city!
I didn’t want to leave Debrecen, but I didn’t know what was waiting for me here, and now I don’t want to leave here!!
I honestly love these people with all of my heart. I don’t remember what it’s like to not have this huge place in my heart for these Hungarians. I was missing out on so much before my mission! Thank you for always supporting me and thank you for helping me come on my mission! It’s so much harder than I could have ever imagined, but it is also so much better than I could have ever imagined!!
I love you soooo much!! I have to go, but I’m going to be tough :) I’ll be fine and I am going to love the new place!
Have a great week!!
I love you so so soooo much!!
I’ll be writing you from Győr next week! J
Sister Schnoor

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