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Sunday, 16 November 2014

November 4th, 2014

Helping one of our investigators move and building his bed frame!
Dad you would have been proud! :)
We dressed up like twins for the Branch Halloween party. 
Everyone called us the Chinese Canadian Twins!

Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead!
A ton of people were asking me if they have Halloween over here. They have day of the dead instead. It’s the day after Halloween where they pay respect to their family who have already passed on. People told me about it before my mission and the cemetaries were stunning!!! The pictures really don’t do it justice, but it was amazing! Candles and flowers on every grave! We walked through with the Elders, (side note, Elder Barbour hid behind a tombstone, jumped out and screamed at me aaaaand I punched him in the face... oh gosh, right in the face! I felt so bad!! haha I punched him hard too! I was so happy to see him the next day without a black eye! haha
The branch here in Székes had a Halloween party! It was acutally sooo fun!! They had almost 60 people come! The branch president said that is the most that has ever come to a church activity since he was a member (over 20 years)! We had a ton of our investigators come and almost everyone brought their friends so it was such a great way to meet people and for them to meet all of the members of the ward! We can’t dress up as missionaries, so we went as twins! haha Everyone called us the Chinese Canadian twins! So funny! No trick or treating this year, but it was such a fun night and so cute to see what all of the kids came dressed as! We played a ton of games and this Branch seriously knows how to party! I think we were more tired than all of the kids by the end of the night!
We have about 13 people we’re going to meet with this week! So exciting!! Just 2 of those are coming to church right now but it’s so amazing to look back to just a few weeks ago when we started with 0 people! Heavenly Father is blessing us so much and really is putting people in our path that are ready to hear the Gospel of Christ!
I’m sorry it is so short this week! I don’t have much time, but hope you all had a great week!!
Sister Schnoor

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