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Monday, 17 November 2014

November 17th, 2014

This week was so crazy and busy!!
On Tuesday, we went on splits! They came to our city and I got to be with Sister Jensen!! I miss that girl so much and it was so fun teaching with her again! I loved taking them to all of our lessons and having them meet all of the cool people that were meeting with! The next day, we went up with them on the train to Budapest for our interviews, then back to Székes for another couple of lessons! We didn’t want to end up in Veszprém again, so we asked a lot of people for help with the right trains! haha
We met a really cool guy named Marcell, who also was going to Székes. He jumped on right behind us and asked if he could sit with us in our car. He was sooo nice and speaks English, so that always makes it easier! He came to English class and we’re going to meet with him this week! So maybe last week we needed to get lost so this week we would ask directions from him! It’s amazing how the Lord puts people in our paths and how we meet them!
Our investigators are still doing great!! I wish I could tell you more about each of them. I can only write so much to be put online. We met with one of our progressing investigators, who sat us down and said that he has a big problem with the Book of Mormon. He turns to the last page and points to the barcode. He said that right there, that’s why I can’t ever believe this book! I thought he was joking at first, but he said that if it was from God, it would never have that on there and that they put barcodes on chocolate bars and pop, not on Bibles! Sooo that was a really interesting lesson! haha I’ve never had anyone mention that before! We had a really good talk explaining where the book came from and how what is taught and written in the Book of Mormon is from God, not the binding, cover and manufacturing, etc. He was still really firm by the end, but I hope our testimonies and explaining it more helped him understand!
Oh and that younger guy whose Dad is a preacher is doing so great too!! We taught the first part of the Restoration this week, and when we told him that God has given us prophets in the Bible times and he has also given us a living prophet today, he was so interested and told us that we don’t really need one today. He came up after English class and apologized about 6 different times, didn’t mean to be rude, hope we’re not upset with him etc. He is such a sweet heart! We weren’t upset in the slightest! We love hearing about what other people believe and sharing what we believe!
We had zone training in Dunaújváros this week too! It was so crazy going back to my greenie city! It brought back a ton of memories and it was so different how I felt at the beginning of my mission and how different I feel now. It sometimes doesn’t feel like you’re changing or progressing too much, but looking back to where I was then, I feel so different, but in a great way.
This week we had stake conference in Pest! It was so cool!!! There were over 600 people that came and they called a new Stake President. With the Elders, we had 5 investigators with us and 4 recent converts come on the train with us at 7 am. It felt like I was back in Canada when we all started singing together! They had amazing talks and I felt the spirit there so strong! I saw a few people from Dunaújváros and it was so fun talking with them! Most just said, “Oh! you speak Hungarian now?! haha Well I still don’t “speak”, but it’s so much better than when I was in Duna! I really couldn’t even communicate with them then, so it was so fun to really talk to them for the first time!
Well, that’s about all of my week! Next week is transfers, so I’ll be emailing on Tuesday! I feel like I’m starting to love it here too much, so I think I’m going to move to the next city! That’s one of the hardest things about missions is leaving the city that you come to love so much!
Hope you have a great week!
xoxo Sister Schnoor

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