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Monday, 1 December 2014

December 1, 2014

Hello from Győr!
Oh family, I love it here! It’s stunning! I was talking to Sis. Whittaker and it really feels like were in Paris... ok, well, we both have no idea, we haven’t really been to Paris, BUT this is what we imagine it to be like! haha You can’t even drive up within a block to our house, because they are all just little winding cobblestones roads! It is adorable, you would love it so much here!
I am in LOVE with Sister Whittaker! I can’t even explain it, she is the sweetest person that I have ever met, so adorable too! You would looove her! I feel so so so sooo lucky to be serving with her and she just has the biggest heart! I have had people tell me that I remind them of her and I didn’t realize what a great compliment I was getting! We’re just being completely obedient and we're seeing miracles!!
So we are opening the city, so that means zero.. again! So we just start streeting, stopping everyone we can on the street and talking to them. We hit the area book like crazy too and called every number in there! We now have several new investigators! :) Heavenly Father is blessing us so much already! I can’t wait to meet with these people this week!
The ward here is so amazing too! It’s actually a WARD! One of the only ones in Hungary. Every Sunday when you’re in a new place, the new missionaries bear their testimonies... well that would all be fine and dandy, but of course it’s in Hungarian and it is a ton of pressure! We practiced the night before and it all worked out fine! I’ve never been welcomed into a ward like I have been here! I just feel too darn lucky right now and that I get to be here for both my birthday and Christmas! The Elders are super great too and they look out for us sisters :)
So the first full day here, I had my very first American Thanksgiving! We went to the big Hajo! It’s a boat that is a restaurant on the Danube. They have a famous Mississippi platter there. The Elders talked us into splitting TWO. It was sooo much food! Really good, but just so much deep fried everything! We didn’t even finish off the first platter and there was still a full one waiting for us! We packed it all into boxes and took home more than we ate there!
The weather is getting freezing! The weather here keeps “misting” at least that’s what we call it! There is just sooo much water in the air, it looks like we went swimming when we get in, sticks to my eyelashes like crazy and makes it sooo much more cold!! I for sure am going to buy some warm gloves, scarf, and toque this week! They have the cutest little Christmas booths everywhere here! They are adorable!! We got some hot chocolate and it was more like pudding! Sooo thick! I seriously could have eaten it with a fork, it was sooo good! They also sell hot wine everywhere! It smells so nasty to me! We were offered hot wine a few times in the last few days, thanks, but no thank you!
We were streeting, when we heard some singing in a church, Sis. Whittaker peeped through the key hole and there were so many people inside one of the beautiful cathedrals listening to the music. We went inside and met so many cool people! There was this one girl with bright red hair that we both felt so strongly that we needed to talk to. We asked her all about the church and the choir, she was so so nice and soon we were talking about Jesus Christ and Christmas. There was a mass about to start, so she asked for our card and we had to split up, but I know that it’s going to go somewhere. I know it sounds crazy, cuz we have no way of contacting her, but we’re praying that we will cross paths with her again. I love finding people in ways like that! Missionary work is sooo much more than just tracting, it is so amazing to just have a feeling to go down a street, or talk to a certain person and see the results from it!
Just feeling so incredibly blessed right now and am so lucky to be a missionary!
Love you so so much!
Sister Schnoor

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