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Friday, 29 August 2014

August 26, 2014

This week we started the 15 step program to quit smoking with Konrad. He has tried to quit many times in the past and is a little discouraged, but is so stoked to start this program! I got a pic of him signing the program. It’s a written promise that he won’t smoke ever again. We’re all giving up something with him, like biting our nails, or desserts! We’re praying so hard for him and the Elders gave him such a neat blessing, he broke into tears after and gave us all a hug. (I know I’m a sister, but I had to hug him back!) 

He gets so excited about everything just like a little kid! I love him so much!
That night he brought us all presents. It was his box of cigarettes all
wrapped up with our names and a scripture on it, Thess 5:16 “Rejoice evermore!
This is a picture of Jutka Néni. 
She is so cool and gives us fresh fruit all the time!
She was getting such a kick out of a wasp eating her apples! She is going off about how attractive and smart the little guy is! Sister Jensen said, Yeah, it’s amazing he can do that when he doesn’t have any teeth! Jutka Néni smiled all huge and said “Hey! I got three!” haha She was right, only two on the bottom and then her front big tooth! haha I love her! We told her we were talking about the wasp Néni, not about you!

The flower parade was so fun!! They didn’t have as many floats as I thought, because there were sooo many groups of dancers! I loved it! The parade was over 5 hours long and I took a ton of pics!

The sign that we made that says, 
“if you could ask God any question, what would it be?”

My beautiful sister Emily with her new baby girl! 
My adorable niece, Paris Emily Miller, born August 21st 2014. 

Oh my goodness, little Paris! I am in love all over again! Oh my, she is so perfect! I just want to reach through this computer and snuggle her! I am so grateful she is here safe and that everyone is happy and healthy!
Well first things first, the sad news. This morning we got transfer calls and found out Sister Jensen is leaving us! :( Sister Sholly and I are staying in Debrecen and were getting another companion. I didn’t think I would cry at transfers on my mission, but this morning we were all hugging and crying and then laughing at how much we were crying! We were a pretty sad sight! haha I am so lucky to have served with her and we’re going to miss her like crazy!! I already know this transfer is going to be one of the best and my favorites of my mission! We thought something bad must be coming, because things were just going too good lately! Oh and our new companion is just one transfer ahead of me... soooo I’m going to be doing a ton more teaching and talking! Ah, so please keep the prayers coming! love you all so so muich! xoxox
This week was one of the best weeks of my mission so far, so many miracles! Kondrad and Chen are both doing great! They are both loving the Book of Mormon and have so many great questions. They are both praying everyday as well! We also tried a new way of finding this week on the holiday. We made signs that said if you could ask God any question, what would it be?  Then we just waited for people to write one down. It’s amazing how every single question can be answered with teaching the Restoration or the Plan of Salvation. We talked to sooo many people! It was amazing!
When we got to English class that week, one of the families that we talked to was there! Two couples and one of their sons. They stayed for the gospel discussion after! We talked about Christ’s life and Atonement, it was amazing!! They have such a strong testimony of Christ and when we bore testimony, they started to cry. I felt the Spirit so strong! After they asked if we could sing, haha well of course!! We sang, “I know that my Redeemer Lives.” The younger guy sat down at the piano and said well, I don’t know what song this is and I can’t read sheet music, but I’ll try to figure it out. He came in on the second verse and played the most beautiful version of that song that I’ve ever heard!! Later they sang for us a song they made, all about how Christ will lead us and He is our strength. I was blown away!!! It was beautiful!
That Sunday, we walked in and they were all there!!! All dressed up, suits and dresses and were looking SO dang sharp!! They loved church and said next time they will bring their kids. They each have three. They slipped out too quick to set up with but said they are coming to the English discussion again! They are sooo cool!
Oh, another little miracle, waiting for church to start, I was a little panicky as no one was there!! Ah! I said a prayer that they would feel the Spirit and if it were possible that more people could come. Right then I looked out the window and couldn’t believe it! The sidewalk was full from the villamos to the church door with people! We haven’t had that many people at church in so long! Our Heavenly Father answered my prayers!
Love you all so so much! xoxox
Sister Schnoor

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