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Friday, 29 August 2014

August 19, 2014

Packages from home!! J

Ok, so I am super super short on email time today, so it might be lame, sorry! We only have an hour to email today and then our Pday is on Wednesday (the big holiday with the flower parade). Next Pday is on a Tuesday! Wow, feels like two days ago I was emailing you! haha I loooove the pictures of Beau!! Oh my goodness, I show off his little pictures to anyone I can! He is absolutely adorable!!
Things are going so amazing! Wow, I can’t even explain it over an email, but sooo many miracles every week! Thank you for all of your prayers!
Ok, so this week was great! Chen and Konrad are doing great! We’re running program to program and lots of days this week had to grab lunch or dinner on the way or just skip it all together to fit all of our lessons in! It’s amazing! Soooo busy and alot to plan and prepare for everyday, but I am absolutely loooving it!
This week me and Sister Sholly went tracting for the first time together! I love that girl! Well, we were cséngő ing a building, (trying to get inside), when a néni came out and said something to us and walked past to the gate.... it’s not a secret that we don’t exactly speak fluent Hungarian yet, so we didn’t understand and Sister Sholly just smiled and said 'Sép napot!' which means have a nice day, haha The older lady said the same thing again, and Sister Sholly said 'Sép napot' again, smiling and waving! haha I finally understood a sentence. She said “do you want me to call the police?? Go back to America!” All I could come up with to say is “ So sorry! We don’t understand everything, so sorry!” Sister Sholly is right behind me saying “I don’t speak Hungarian.' haha Well, we got out in time, and no cops showed up! I guess that’s the first building I’ve been kicked out of!
Ok, miracle for this week! We were meeting with Lehel and following up on our commitment to pray about what month to be baptized. He said he didn’t get an answer, but when he prayed, he saw a really clear picture of Autumn in his mind, orange leaves falling from the trees and he said it felt really good, so we asked if he would accept that as an answer from God to be baptized in Autumn? He said of course that was what it meant! It was sooo neat! Amazing how the Lord answers everyone’s prayers, so different for everyone, but he does answer and hear every prayer!
There was a huge thunderstorm that evening. In the middle of Lehel’s lesson, about 8:30, I had the strongest feeling. I can’t explain it, but it was like a crushing feeling in my chest, just like when I knew we needed to talk to Erika (ice cream lady) but so much worse. I had a voice in my head that told me we needed to be home as soon as possible. As soon as I thought that, the feeling got sooo much stronger. I had no idea why, but I knew we needed to leave right then. I remembered when I got my setting apart blessing that warned me several times to “use extreme caution, that I would be warned by the Holy Ghost when danger was present and to “act immediately when I feel prompted.” I told Sister Sholly how I felt and she started packing up right then, so grateful for her! I knew we needed to give Lehel a specific bap date, so I asked if he would be baptised Oct 4th? He agreed, we wrapped up the lesson quick and we power walked home. Nothing happened and we made it home safe. I have never had a feeling like that before, it is so hard for me to explain it, but I do know that my Father in Heaven is looking out for me. I don’t know if anything would have happened if we would’ve stayed, maybe nothing, maybe God was just testing my faith and obedience? I don’t know, but I’m grateful for the Spirit and what a huge role it plays in our life.
Ok, quick Demi moment! At church, we were talking about the great Sunday dinners at Steel’s each Sunday. I told him that I can’t eat so much or I’ll get fat. He says “ya, ya, ya I know!' haha I said “Demi, do you think I’m getting fat?' He said 'Yes, I do think such thing.... wait, I don’t understand such word, what is a fat?' I tried to explain it and he just fist pumps in front of him over and over and says so excited “YES!!! I want to become a fat!!” haha What? He thought it was buff! I wish you could meet him so bad! I can’t even look at him in lessons or I start laughing. I still get the giggles sooo bad!
Excited to send you some pictures of the parade next week, thanks for all of your letters and pictures!
I love you all soooo much!!!! xoxoxo
xoxo Sister Schnoor

Oh ps... thank you for having sympathy for that monster spider in the bathroom! I am the most paranoid ever walking into any room now, ew ew ew! Thank you sooo much for the spider strips too! haha I’m already afraid to see what will be on them though!

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