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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

March 23, 2015

We went out to Gábor's parent's garden this past week :)
It was fun thinking that we we're doing the same things Mom, just
across the world. Sounds weird, but it was SO good to get out of a
skirt and work in the dirt again!

This week, we had 29 lessons and had zone conference, so we stayed super busy!!! It was such a great week, but just flew by!
When we were streeting, we walked past this man and I felt like I should talk to him. I did a super awkward stop midwalk and did a 180 to talk to him. Seriously, no pride on missions! haha He was a really sweet old man and we explained the Book of Mormon and set up to meet with him. Later that week, we met with him and turns out he is pretty crazy!! haha Super nice though, told us that he has been to almost every church in Győr and met with so many missionaries, but hasn’t found the true church yet. I asked him what he is looking for in the “true church”. He said karate, yoga and dance and proceeded to show me some karate moves (which were actually pretty great considering his age! haha) After teaching him the Restoration, he said that we needed to meet with everyone and tell them this message! So that part was really cool, but then he went right in and said that we can meet with everyone but the gypsies.. they will give us poison chocolate candy and then said “oh ya! that reminds me, I have some candy!” He then gives us some candy out of his pocket! haha Thanks sweet old bácsi! Have no idea where things are going to go with him, still not sure why I had that prompting either, but we’re going to see where it goes! 
Erika is still doing amazing! We’re only able to meet with her once a week, but this last week when we met with her, we started teaching her the Gospel of Christ. We talked about our faith in Jesus Christ and how that leads to repentance. Before we started, she jumped right in and said “I’m sorry, but I just can’t do confessions. I can’t go into a little box with a stranger and confess my sins. He tells me a certain amount of prayers that I have to say and then I am forgiven? I just can’t do that, I don’t feel like I have repented and I still have the guilt. Why would I tell a stranger and not God? When I repent, I pray and tell God everything, why I did it, how I am feeling about it, ask Him to forgive me and tell Him that I won’t ever do it again! Then I try my hardest not to! How do you repent in your church?” Wow!!! Well she basically taught us the lesson, she is so incredibly prepared to meet with us, it’s amazing how many things that she doesn’t feel right with in other religions and that she feels right with ours. Like last week, we were finishing the Gospel of Christ and were starting to explain how repentance leads to baptism and we discussed how we are 8 years old when we’re baptized and why. She said just last week she was asking her Mom why she was baptized as a baby. Why wasn’t it her decision to follow Christ and what religion to join? We bore testimony about the priesthood power being restored and how important it is, that it is our decision to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. 
We went out to Gábor's parent's garden this past week :) haha it was fun thinking that we were doing the same things Mom, just across the world. Sounds weird, but it was SO good to get out of a skirt and work in the dirt again!
Gábor is doing well, his baptismal date is coming so quick and he is so incredibly ready! He still is afraid, but we’re so grateful that his brother can be here for him and help him through it! 
Oh and we met with Attily finally! He has had to work like crazy and we haven’t been able to meet for almost a month now! His baptism date is for April 4, so I was pretty skeptical and thought we would have to move it. We taught him the Gospel of Christ again and told him how we still have a lot to teach him and a lot to do before he is baptized and asked if he felt he would be ready by April 4? He looked at the drawing we did on the board and said, “I need to! We still have two weeks right? That’s enough time?? Of course it is!! Ah! We are going to try to meet with him as often as we can before then, but it will be a lot to cover in just a few lessons, so excited for him though!! The transfer is on April 1, so I sadly won’t be here for any of the baptisms. All that matters though, is that they are baptized. I would love to be here with them more than anything, but I know Heavenly Father has another plan and I’ll just have to trust in Him!
I wish I could write everyone back every week! The biggest problem is that the computers are so so slow here! Most of the emails that I send to people are just a few sentences! I always feel so so bad for not writing everyone back! There’s just not enough time! I am so sorry. Emailing shouldn’t be, but is seriously one of the most stressful! I absolutely love getting your emails though and being able to talk to you. I also have a HUGE stack of written letters to write back to people too! 
Have a great week, I love you all!! 
Schnoor Nover 

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